Clay Siegall: American Innovator

Why is it that many of the most intellectually talented individuals on the planet never seem to get the credit they deserve? People that do things to better man-kind always seem to get overshadowed by some entertainer or professional athlete. Have you ever heard of a guy named Clay Siegall? More than likely you haven’t, but this guy is a pioneer in cancer research and has been for many years. Clay Siegall is a well known and accomplished guy that is well respected in the industry. He’s President and CEO of one of the top Biotech companies in the world that specializes in cancer research. With a (BS) in Zoology and PH.D in Genetics, Siegall has an extensive educational background that spans for decades back.


Since it’s inception in the late 90’s, Seattle Genetics has grown dramatically over the years. It has become a powerhouse thanks to it’s many progressive fighting cancer drugs. ADCETRIS, which is one of the best antibody drug conjugates, was developed here at Seattle Genetics and it has now gone worldwide in over 65 countries. Of course this is all by the hands of Clay Siegall as he has entered the drug into multiple strategic licensing deals with prominent organizations such as GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, Pfizer, and Genentech. ADCETRIS has racked up the profits as well at around $325 Million to this very day. Forbes Magazine ranked the organization as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. over the past two years. Clay Siegall’s strong belief in scientific innovation, rigorous research, and drug development has built a sturdy foundation to stand on and it’s producing great results.


Clay Siegall has racked up many awards as well in this industry. He’s won the 2013 Alumnus Of The Year Award for Math, Computer, and Science. He’s also won the 2012 Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award also. Thanks to Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics, lives are being saved on a daily basis and that has to stand for something.

Evolution of Smooth Changes the Face of the Lip Balm Industry

Evolution of Smooth, also referred to as EOS, is a company that has taken the beauty industry by storm. As a company that manufacturers a lip balm product, it was the first to break through the barrier between the oral care industry and the beauty industry. The founders of EOS lip balm deliberately chose to redesign the way lip balms were packaged and sold to specifically target women. In an online article, co-founder Sanjiv Mehra discusses the strategies they used to ensure their lip balm would be a success.

Focusing on Creation and Distribution

When co-founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller started their company they decided to focus on the areas of creation and distribution. The creation process was intended to redesign the container used to hold the lip balm, which up to this point had always been cylindrical. They also wanted to reinvent the lip balm itself to make it more appealing to women. In order to get a better idea of what women looked for when shopping for beauty products, the co-founders of EOS lip balm gathered a group of women together for a panel discussion. This led them to create a balm that would appeal to all of the five senses.

Once the team at EvolutionofSmooth.Ca had their product the next step was to get it into distribution. The process was not as easy as they hoped since most drug stores were already carrying name brand products like Chapstick. Since their lip balm was intended to appeal to women they decided to meet with a female buyer from Walgreens who instantly took to their little spheres of balm. Co-founders Mehra and Teller purchased their own manufacturing equipment to reduce their costs and began producing and distributing their lip balm to Walgreens. EOS lip balm is now widely available in stores all across the country. Online orders can be processed by going to or via


Maggie Gill Proves Her Worth As A Health Executive

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors and its development translates to a healthier and better society. Many professionals are responsible for the changes that have over the years been made to the healthcare system to offer better care and access to services. One of the professionals whose presence can be said to have given positive influence is Maggie Gill, the current President and CEO of Memorial Health. Her career has been a path of discovery and she has unearthed new methods of dealing with problems in the health sector.


Maggie began by joining the Florida State University, where she was privileged to graduate with an honors degree. This gave her the motivation to pursue bigger fields and she decided to build her career further by getting an MBA from Saint Leo University, in which she also graduated with honors. With great achievements and academic credentials, she set foot on building her career.

She was able to land great offers owing to her good records and the skills she possessed. For many years, Maggie Gill has stood for the concept of coming up with better and efficient methods of dealing with problems. She is one of the professionals behind the redemption of Memorial Health and its construction into a successful health institution.


Maggie Gill has achieved a lot since she joined Memorial Health and since her career began. She is among professionals who have received different awards for offering solutions to make access to healthcare services easy. Before she was appointed to work as deputy CEO of Memorial Health in 2004, she worked with Tenet South Florida Health System. At this institution, she worked as the chief financial officer.

As a result of her dedication and pursuit of the specialty, Maggie Gill managed to emerge with three prizes during three different awards of the Tenet Outstanding CFO. It is the same dedication that she transferred to Memorial Health to offer solutions to major challenges ailing the company.

In 2011, she was appointed to work as the CEO and President of Memorial and since then, her input to the company has boosted its performance and ranking generally across all levels. Her dream is to take the company to a whole different level where they will cover more than the 35 counties Memorial Health serves. She is optimistic of a successful and highly reputed Memorial Health in few years to come.

George Soros’ Contribution to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and His Remarks after the Election Results

U.S. business magnate George Soros came out of the sea after years of inactivity to fund 2016 democratic presidential elections. George Soros has been active in funding democratic politics and causes. The Federal Election Commission and Soros’ associates estimate that he funded Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates’ campaign to a tune of $25 million.

George Soros’ wealth portfolio stands at an estimated $24 billion, which he amassed through risky financial trades. The 85-year-old business mogul, who owes his roots in Hungary, had drawn up a plan to attend the Democratic convention to meet up with Hillary whom they have had more than 25-year relationship. However, George Soros later shelved the plan to concentrate on monitoring the unfolding events in Europe. He actively returned to active trading after sitting out for many years.

People close to the billionaire said he started to get actively involved in political as the countdown drew nearer. His associates pointed out that his main motivation for actively engaging and funding Clinton campaign at was due to his gut belief in Hillary Clinton, and the growing fear of the Republican candidate Donald Trump, who he views as a potential threat to democracy, by advancing undemocratic policies.

Michael Vachon, George Soros’ political advisor, in a statement, said that his client had been a donor towards Democratic Party causes for many years, but this year’s election is special on Forbes. He pointed out that the stakes in the previous elections have been equally high due to the hostilities perpetrated by other Republican candidates towards his Democratic policies, which he truly cares about, and has dedicated his entire life to defend. The causes he has dedicated his life to protect include religious tolerance, immigration reforms, and criminal justice reforms.

The all-out approach by Soros to expend cash to get the best of Trump was viewed among Democrats as a good sign for Hillary Clinton. Soros was even seen as able to influence other rich activists to chip in.

George Soros actions prompted other elite liberal donors to sign off big checks such as New York hedge funder, Don Sussman, who donated $13.2 million to different committees and campaigns, Tom Steyer , the San Francisco environmentalist, who donated to a tune of $31 million in 2016 alone and media magnates Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban, who both donated $11.1 million.

The entire effect of Soros’ mobilization of the rich donors really boosted Clinton’s campaign and its affiliated outside groups by building a strong financial base over Tramp campaign on Some of the groups Soros funded include Immigrant Voters Win that was committed to boosting turnout among low Hispanic voters in main swing states. He donated an estimated $5 million towards the cause.

He also donated a further $5 million to an NGO dedicated to battling conservative campaigns to limit voting. The NGO, called the Voting Rights Trust, was in fact partly run by Marc Elias, Clinton’s campaign lawyer.

George Soros was upset about Trump’s win, but said that he will still work with NGOs, activists, and other groups to ensure that democracy is preserved. He particularly pointed out that he’ll focus on immigration, the justice system, and trade.

Danny Ferry Insuracne Claim Taken To Court By Bruce Levenson

Danny Ferry may have held the position of General Manager at the Atlanta Hawks during one of the most successful periods in the history of the franchise, but the termination of his six year $18 million contract has caused major insurance problems for the former owners of the team. Bruce Levenson and the other members of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium have been looking to bring an insurance claim made against the termination of the former Cleveland Cavaliers player’s contract to a close for over a year.

Levenson has been working with lawyers from the Barnes & Thorburg law firm to bring a court case against insurance giant AIG over their failure to acknowledge or pay the settlement required by the insurance policy. Legal papers filed by Bruce Levenson’s lawyers show meetings held as early as April 2015 saw representatives from AIG acknowledge comments from Danny Ferry had triggered clauses in the insurance policy and should result in a financial settlement; eventually Ferry’s contract was terminated in June 2015 days before the sale of the franchise was announced to ESPN and other press.

Since selling the NBA franchise  ( to billionaire Tony Ressler, Bruce Levenson has been working with a number of charitable groups to extend his own range of philanthropic activities. As joint chair of the Concert Against Hate alongside wife Karen, Bruce Levenson has been looking to continue to make an impact working against bigotry around the world. Previously, Bruce had joined together with a number of well known business leaders of the Jewish faith to call for peace in the Middle East; according to PR Newswire, Levenson also works with the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute and a number of other Jewish based groups to help young people live better lives around the world.


The Billy McFarland Success Story As A Young Man

Success started early for Billy McFarland. He built his very first business at age 13 which located prospective customers for a local business. As a freshman in college, he started a company that changed the URL of a business into a graphic, which made it easier to promote the company’s brand. The company called Spling is still a viable business and Billy McFarland is the CEO.

The latest news is the most exciting news. In 2013, at age 23, McFarland founded Magnises which helps millennials to be grounded and have a base of identification that can help them to grow and to get to know one another. By becoming a member of Magnises, millennials will have access to many of their favorite hangouts at very deep discounts and perks.

Millennials love to congregate and socialize, share experiences and find new business contacts, and Magnises offers them an excellent opportunity to do just that. For a very reasonable annual fee of $250, they gain access to the membership privileges and receive the “Black Card” which is used for all the discounts as well as payment to the participating businesses. The Black Card copies the needed information from the member’s debit or credit card and also applies the discounts at the time of payment.

According to Bloomberg, The success of the venture was highlighted at the end of 2015 when Billy McFarland announced that membership in Magnises has surpassed 10,000 members in the two cities where Magnises was located, New York City and Washington D.C.

The Black Card has become a status symbol among the millennials, and if there is a new person in a group, he or she is strongly admonished to join if they want to make the right contacts and get anywhere.

McFarland has targeted young professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and anyone else between the ages of 21 and 35 as potential members. Membership is not a given, as there is an online application that must be completed and approved by management. Businesses are also screened to the point of them needing to know what is expected of them in the way of required extra service and the fact that they must be involved for the long haul.

The idea is magnificent and worthy of the expansion plans that McFarland has. His plans for national growth is well on its way, and surely he will reach his objectives.

Bruce Levenson’s Role In Sports Ownership

Antony Ressler is working in conjunction with the ownership group for the Atlanta Hawks regarding the sale of this team. Ressler is best known as an investor with access to equity in the billions.

The group Ressler is working with includes Grant Hill, a previous player with the NBA and Jesse Itzler. They are purchasing the Hawks from Bruce Levenson and other assorted investors for a total of $850 million dollars according to The owners are expected to give their approval to the team’s sale.

Ressler made a statement saying becoming the Hawk’s new stewards is both an honor and absolutely thrilling. He fully respects the process the NBA goes through and is sending plenty of luck to the Hawk’s for the playoffs. The amount the team is selling for is said to be a very strong number in regards to the current market.

The NBA has an extremely strong product in todays market and are a reflection of what the market may become in the future. Bruce Levenson along with other individuals purchased not only the Hawks, but the Atlanta Thrashers of the NHL and the rights to use Philips Arena for a total of $250 million back in 2004. They then sold the Thrashers in 2011 for $170 million.

Ressler was interested in purchasing the Clippers from Los Angeles previously but Steve Ballmer’s price of $2 billion dollars was more than his team was willing to pay. Ressler also has a small ownership in the Brewers from Milwaukee. Hill decided he wanted to be a part of Ressler’s group and did join. It is believed Hill will also have a very small stake in the ownership but according to the NBA’s new rules it must be a minimum of one per cent.

Why every Millennial should own the Magnises Card

Every young professional knows that after graduation, life turns out different as one disconnects from the thriving and highly connected life of campus. However, with the Magnises card, everything is going to be different. Users get to enjoy several perks and discounts for several events. Holders of the card in New York can attend at least two events in a month and engage in other offers through booking restaurants and figuring out the best places one can go for lunch, dinner or even coffee. The card comes with a mobile application that informs you of the best places to visit for different activities. It simply takes out the whole guesswork idea out of your life.

Members that have held the card have highly benefited from the perks that come with holding the card. According to the Magnises CEO, Billy McFarland, the whole company is more about than having a card; it aims to connect different professionals in various industries and fields. The annual fee to holding the card is $250, an affordable fee for any professional millennial. While the card started as an exclusive member platform, it is today open for anyone to apply. The whole application involves filling out an application through the company’s website and engaging in an interview via phone.

The perks that come with the card are real, and many card holders have highly benefit with possession of the card. Magnises has strived to partner with different companies to make the perks real and applicable to everyone. Magnises has partnered with over 50 companies in a bid to reach the end goal of meeting the daily life expectations for every member. Magnises strives to be involved in your life every day. The company seeks to bring in personalized drivers to the exact location where you live and work. Everything about the business such as private trainers, restaurants, nightclubs and bars strives to create the best experience for millennials. The company has further held members-only events for special events such as parties, educational talks, and dinners.

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Apart from getting invitations to the best places in the city, Magnises has created a space for its cardholders. The space comes in the form of a clubhouse located in Greenwich Avenue within the West Village home. The brand-new space is well furnished with contemporary art and leather couches. It brings in an open day for most of its cardholders. Any member of the company can bring in their client, hold meetings, watch games on TV or have drinks.

Benefits of holding the Magnises card are clear and tangible. According to one user, the membership cost is nothing equal to the benefits that come with the card. The user described several events such getting front seats in a hockey game and attending a leading open bar. The visits to Magnises community once, every couple of weeks has been beneficial too. It gives one an excuse to at least dress up, get out and find something to do. Card holders are selected to attend events where they can mix with genders and other people in the industry.

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Cox School Of Business Appoints James Dondero To Its Executive Board

Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business has appointed James Dondero, the president of Highland Capital Management, to serve in its executive board. The Highland Capital Management co-founder’s board position enhances the firm’s dedication to enhancing programs at the Southern Methodist University.

The school is seeking to implement the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars endowment program. It seeks to promote academic and professional advancements in public policy. In addition, the program would support the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Dondero noted that Highland Capital Management is a beneficiary of the business community in Dallas. Over the years, the Cox School has contributed immensely to this society. He added that he was honored to provide guidance on the ongoing initiatives.

The executive board of Cox School comprises of 100 members. These appointed members meet three times in a year. Their role is to provide advice on the ideal strategies to be pursued by the school. Most members in the executive board are non-academics.

About James Dondero

James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management. He is responsible for managing the firm’s investment strategies and day-to-day operations. This consists of the company’s retail and institutional products. James’ experience in the credit markets is unrivaled considering that he has been in the industry for over 30 years. He is one of the pioneers of collateralized loan obligations.

In his career, James Dondero has received various accolades and awards. He is the recipient of the 2014 Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities. James is known for providing quality products and services to his broad client base. He continues to innovate new services in the industry.

Over the years, different corporations have enlisted James’s expertise. He serves in the board of MGM Studios and Jernigan Capital. Dondero is also the principal of Cornerstone Healthcare, NexPoint Residential Trust, CCS Medical, and NexBank.

Prior to founding Highland, Dondero served as Protective Life’s chief investment officer. Additionally, he worked for American Express. Dondero holds an accounting and finance degree. He is a graduate of the prestigious University of Virginia. James is a charted financial analyst. He is also a certified management accountant.

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Bruce Levenson Ferry Settlement Lawsuit

The AHBE (Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC) is the previous ownership organization of the NBA franchise, and it has filed a lawsuit against an insurance company, New Hampshire Insurance Company. The basis of the lawsuit was a breach of a contract entailing the settlements of claims from Danny Ferry, the former general manager. The AHBE is inclusive of Bruce Levenson, a controlling partner. The lawsuit excludes the Tony Ressler-led group that currently owns Hawks.

The lawsuit was filed on September 13 in the Superior Court of Fulton County, and it is described as a civil action for insurance bad faith and breach of contract. According to AHBE, it was insured under an insurance policy catering for coverage for specific losses that relates to employment practices including certain acts of “Workplace Torts” as well as “Wrongful Termination.” Hawks and Ferry ownership reached a buyout agreement that took place on June 22, 2015, and it was undisclosed. The buyout ended a six-year $8 million contract signed in 2012.

Bruce Levenson is a renowned American businessperson. He is a profound philanthropist, a Forbes billionaire and the former owner of an NBA team. Bruce was a co-owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC, currently Atlanta Hawks LLC, which owns and controls all operations of the Phillips Arena and Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Previously, Levenson has served on the NBA Board of Governors as the Hawks’ Governor since 2004. In 1977, Bruce Levenson co-founded a communications organization called the United Communications Group (UCG). He was among the founding board members and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of an IT industry media firm, Tech Target, which is publicly traded.

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