Browse Month: December 2014

Netflix’s Daredevil Will Wallow in the Gritty

Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight has long since pointed out the forthcoming Daredevil Netflix series is going to be far from whimsical. The film focuses very early in the career of Daredevil and contrasts his learning how to be a superhero with the rise of Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk to prominence in organized crime. DeKnight mentioned Daredevil is going to be a lot like The Wire which Bruce Levenson loves. He also let it slip the series will be like a lot of classic gritty movies from the 1970’s. In particular, he mentioned The French Connection, Dog Day Afternoon, and Taxi Driver.

Those are all classic films that maintain a documentary feel to them. They are rooted in the dark and gritty world of urban decay. A sense of realism is present in these films that set them apart from over-the-top action found in most crime films or action-adventure spectacles. If Daredevil follows the trajectory of these types of films, the overall finished product is going to be both very real and very dark.

Do not think for a minute though that Netflix will allow the material to be excessively violent and morbid. Going too far in the adult direction will end up turning audiences off and Netflix and DeKnight know this. 

What saved the Daredevil comic book from cancellation in the early 1980’s was the decision to allow Frank Miller to take the hero down a path radically different from other titles. The TV series seems to be adhering to this approach, too.

Cinderella: The International Movie Trailer

Cinderella movie by the Disney studio is set to hit US Theater on 13 March 2015 with its international trailer already a discussion by the audience, what is new on the movie. What is on discussion? The movie appears t to be reinvention of its first official trailer released back on November. While it’s a far cry from the modern Skout love story, it does not look original though it boasts of unique picture not seen in promotions.

There is less emphasis on all the bells and on all the whistle, Cinderella godmother Helena blesses Cinderella with , Lily James also looks marvelous on the film, she is toiling and slaving in the kitchen of her stepmother Tremaine – Cate Blanchett , she is also appearing of being wooed by Richard Madden’s 

Other scenes to be boast come 13th march 2015 include Blanchett’s character. He appears to be very good rather than being very evil on the battle of five armies, Cinderella allows Blanchett dole out some harshness, and she looks like she is relishing the role in every second she is on screen. 

The Cinderella film is highly polished and worked on the audience will have all to say with its release on countdown in few months to come March 13 2015.

Amy Adams ‘SNL’ Sketch Cut Short Because Of….


On the most recent ‘SNL,’ Amy Adams was doing a sketch with Stephen Williams wine and another person, when the sketch was cut short prior to commercial. Amy Adams Sketch. Many were puzzled as to why the sketch was cut short, while the two were reenacting a part from the movie “Love Actually.” It looks like the sketch was cut short because Amy couldn’t stop laughing. Although she only laughed a few times, the sketch went a bit over schedule, forcing them to cut it short, before it reached its completion.

Either way, it was a great show. For those were not familiar with Amy Adams, think “Mean Girls.” She was “the” mean girl in the show, outside of Lindsay Lohan. Amy Adams went on to be in one of the greatest love movies ever made, entitled “The Notebook.” Many people think about The Notebook when they think of romance, because it was a great movie, and somewhat true to real life. Amy’s costar in the movie became her boyfriend for many years, and many were sad to see the couple breakup.

If you’re still unfamiliar with her costar in The Notebook, it was Ryan Gosling. After Ryan and Amy broke up, many were very depressed about it, but he went on to date Eva Mendes, and prior to their breakup, she became pregnant. Ryan now has his first child with Eva, and he’s very happy, and they are possibly planning for more children.

Jodeci Returns with Strong Message

Jodeci dominated the New Jack Swing era of music. They had songs that were part of slow jam hours at radio stations throughout the world. This was a group that had a lot of appeal in the urban community, but they did not translate into pop sensations. This year the group is back with a new song that takes on domestic violence.

Everyone thought that D’Angelo had been gone for a long time with a 14 year absence from the music industry. Jodeci has him beat though because they have not been together with new music as a group in 18 years. KC and JoJo have made platinum selling albums as a duo, but it has almost been 2 decades since the original crew has recorded anything together.

The new track is called “Nobody Wins” and it addresses the domestic violence issues that have headlined the news in cases with NFL stars like Ray Rice. Domestic violence has also been at the root of suicide homicide cases with couples like actress Stephanie Moseley and rapper Earl Hayes. Many years ago Babyface and Stevie Wonder took on this topic in song with “How Long,” but there have not been many more songs about this topic. It typically isn’t something that would be a popular song topic. 

Jodeci has been known for sexually explicit content. This is different for a group that primarily produced “baby-making” music. The new track is good – I can listen to it while I drink my Antique Wine Company glass.

Nicki Minaj Releases 16 Minute Video For New Album

It’s not enough that Nicki Minaj released her brand-new album on December 15, 2014, she also hinted that she would be releasing a video to accompany it. Nicki Minaj Video. True to her words, a video was released recently on Revolt TV that was 60 minutes long, and featured many songs off of her new album. The video is somewhat of a mini movie, and features Nicki, along with another man who plays out relationship dramas with her.

While different songs play throughout the video, you can watch it from beginning to end, and get the idea that she’s in a bad relationship and ready to leave. Jared Haftel thought it was put together pretty well. Many who love Nicki Minaj will also love the video, which makes one who has not purchased her album, highly anticipate doing so. It’s been a long time since Nicki has announced that her third studio album would be out in stores, and this week it finally hit stores.

It’s a brilliant idea for Nicki to accompany her album release with a video, as it will definitely peak sales. Nicki is at the top of her game right now, and she has gotten many great reviews for her new album. Some have called her latest album the best out of all three that she is created, and also state that the album is about her having a broken heart. There are many personalized tracks on her new album, so if you’re a fan, listen in.

Snoop Dogg Has Best Photos On Instagram

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for over 25 years-and we all know that Lee G. Lovett has not-you have to know who Snoop Doggy Dogg is, well besides being my buddy Lovett’s all time favorite rap artist.  He’s changed his name several times, but he’s still the same old Snoop Dogg. He claims that he’s not really into social media, but on his Instagram account, he has added some amazing pictures this past year. Snoop Dogg Pics. Some of the pictures are throwbacks from many years ago, especially when he was a child. You could even see some pictures when Notorious B.I.G. was alive, and when Lil’ Bow Wow was a kid.

Many of his pictures are remarkable, and something to remember at the end of 2014. In one picture he has himself wearing a hat, and his hair is curly underneath. Snoop Dogg has always been known for his different hairstyles, and the picture speaks volumes. Another picture is of him when he was much younger but still a rapper. One of the most memorable pictures posted is one where he is having dinner with the Notorious B.I.G., who passed in 1996.

In another picture you can see Snoop Dogg is standing next to Alan Iverson, who was one of the best basketball player, when he was still in the game. A priceless picture is one where Snoop Dogg is standing right behind Martha Stewart, while doing hand signs, while she holds up both of her hands and smiles. Snoop Dogg’s obviously had a great life, and a great 2014.

Suicide Squad May Have Its Amanda Waller

The role of Amanda Waller in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie appears to be very close to being cast. Viola Davis may very well sign on to the role. This is a pretty important role since Amanda Waller is sort of the Nick Fury of D.C. Essentially, she is the menacing face of the government.

If they die doing so, so be it. Sam Tabar, as he talked about on, feels like this will be a good one.

In order for villain ensembles to work, a character like Amanda Waller is needed. She presents a sense of dread that takes some of the heat off the villains. In a way, she has made the decision to use the villains so the audience sees the character as morally ambiguous and willing to use truly despicable characters to serve a greater good.

Amanda Waller is the glue that holds the tenuous relationship between the members of the Suicide Squad together.

Overall, Suicide Squad sounds like a really interesting film and it should end up being a major hit.

Heroes and Villains- War On the Way

This movie has it all; heroes and villains, featuring Batman VS Superman. Batman and Superman are two of the most loved and respected characters on and off screen. Their fan base not only consist of children, but mature adults as well, possibly even Sergio Andrade Gutierrez.

This action packed movie has all the familiar faces of real interesting characters. The movie is expected to take place when Bruce Wayne (Batman), now being play by Ben Affleck, begin having flashbacks from his past. Batman arrives in Metropolis after Superman’s battle with General Zod.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane have farther their relationship, and are now living together, and they both work at the Daily Planet. Clark is assigned to writing fluff pieces, but on the side he is investigating an interesting subject, Batman. The plot line for the new Hero and Villains Batman Vs Superman movie has lots of scenarios.

Superman foils the scheme of an unnamed villain and tells him that he is taking him to jail instead of breaking his neck. When the final battle comes around it is called Doomsday, and it supposedly takes place in an area where human lives are not endangered. However, despite of the super heroes’ good intention, they are still viewed by other nations as a threat and an American Weapon.

There are many rumors floating around about the movie’s plot line. Rumors have it that Commissioner Gordon is deceased, and Batman have a different voice and several new suits.

Is Disney Planning a Fifth Installment of Indiana Jones?

With so many franchises getting a reboot these days it seems that it should only be a matter of time before we get to see everyone’s favorite adventurist on the silver screen once again. And with Disney acquiring LucasFilms in 2012, the possibility of a new Indy film grew even more. There have been many rumors going around over the past few years about possible recasting and where the story would go from the last installment. And now that the studio has gotten a hold on what they will be doing with the Star Wars reboot, it may finally be time to focus on a brand new Indiana Jones film.

This CBS News article details The CEO of Disney’s recent announcement  that they would love to make a new Indiana Jones film, but they are pacing themselves right now. With three Star Wars films coming up and several standalone movies slated to be released involving major characters such as Boba Fett, and a spinoff centered on the childhood of Han Solo, it is evident that Disney currently has a full plate as far as LucasFilms go. While that means that Indy may have to sit on the back-burner for the time being, it is evident that a fifth Indiana Jones film is in the works.

Sony Trying Get “Mario Bros.” Movie Rights

In a move that seems ripped from video game headlines, Sony, makers of the PlayStation, are rumored to be in talks to obtain the movie rights for the “Super Mario Bros.” franchise. Since the jumping plumber is property of Nintendo, makers of the Wii U video game console, the news is definitely turning the heads of industry watchers for one big reason: a Mario movie released under a Sony label would look very strange.

As pointed out by Bruce Levenson, the reasoning behind an outright sale of the rights or a partnership lease deal actually makes a lot of sense. Sony has a history of success in the movie and film industry, and the company already has the necessary infrastructure in place to get an animated feature off the ground. Nintendo is in a bit of rough spot, since the Wii U has not exactly jumped off of shelves across the globe. Therefore, if one company can help the other, the deal could result in a massive money making arrangement.

However, there is pretty good chance that fans of the massive video game franchise could see an animated movie starring Mario, Luigi, and the rest of the cast of characters at some point in the near future.