New Godzilla Movie Is Made In Japan

The latest installment in the decades long cinematic saga of everyone’s favorite nuclear activated dinosaur/dragon/scaly behemoth, Godzilla, has been announced. And, according to a new report filed by Yahoo News, the latest chapter in the sage is being made in Japan.

Of course, as long time devotees of the reptilian crusader will surely know, Godzilla was originally a creation of Japan’s famed Toho studios. Although many installments of the series (including a remake/reboot that reinvented the initial chapter of the saga) have been made in Hollywood over the ensuing years, most fans agree that it simply feels right that Godzilla is returning in glory to his native land.

The return of the much beloved monster isn’t coming without some controversy in tow. Toho executives had previously claimed in 2004 that the 28th film in the series, marking the 50th anniversary of Godzilla’s 1954 big screen debut, was the last that would ever be made. However, most fans are more than prepared to forgive Toho for going back on its word, as long as the latest film is chock full of monsters and mayhem. 

The newest film has not yet received an official title, but is nonetheless slated for world wide release sometime in 2016.  I heard about the release of this new movie while reading about Kenneth Griffin the other day.

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  • Patrick Wright

    November 8, 2016

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