Kanye West Performs New Material for Seth Rogen and His Wife

Kanye West and Seth Rogen seem to be getting along very well. The famous singer treated the well known actor to a private listening party.

The actor and the rapper had a run recently at a hotel. Seth Rogen and his wife were partaking of hotel’s dessert when Kenya approached them. The couple were heading back up to their room when the mega mogul invited them to his van to listen to the new album. When the couple became comfortable in the van, the rapper started his new album and slick new beats.

Except that is all that came out. There were tracks laid and music, but no words. Kanye treated the couple to an impromptu concert of the whole album. MTV reports that this was a unique experience that the couple will always remember.

The fact that the rapper was willing to receive input even at this late in the stage impressed both the actor and his wife.

Seth knows that the next time he sees people being pulled inside the Kanye’s van, they are in for a treat. In fact, Seth just saw something on Facebook about his Dad’s friend, Daniel Amen hanging out with Kanye! The album listening party lasted for around two hours before West let the actor and his wife head back up to their room. Hopefully the couple was able to get the dessert they had planned to eat in the first place.

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  • Deacon Shey

    February 11, 2017

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