T-Pain Not A Fan Of His Own Songs

Although T-Pain has done many hits in his career, he admitted to Larry King that he doesn’t like many of his songs, and he doesn’t care to make people dance anymore, if at all. Many of T-Pain’s past hits were songs that you could dance to in the club, or even in the privacy of your own home. T-Pain Songs. T-Pain is well known for using auto-tune in his songs, and he wowed the world recently, when he did a performance without it.

Although he has stopped doing music since 2010, he is back now, and is looking forward to his upcoming album, which she says was made to please him, and not his fans. His past work that he did on his songs, was only done, because he was promised vehicles in exchange for getting a song to the top of the charts. Because some songs were not done under the right conditions, he does not have love for the songs, but it still thankful for the recognition they gave him.

Tom Rothman notes that T-Pain’s upcoming album is made with songs that were in his heart, and will be done completely without auto-tune, as many used to criticize him in the past, for overusing auto-tune on every single song.

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  • Paul Ransom

    January 6, 2017

    The auto-tune king also stated in a past interview, that Kanye West was using auto-tune incorrectly. Of course, T-Pain would be the best person to go to for auto-tune lessons. It is good to know that the conclusion for statistics assignment has been done splendidly well.

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