For Sam Smith, Heartbreak Led To Fame

MTV has recently named him artist of the year, something Sam Smith never dreamed would be a reality as recently as a year ago. The 22-year-old artist from the UK was simply hoping to make a successful album that would catch the attention of listeners in his home country.

Now that he’s officially an international star, Smith opened up about how nerve-racking it was to make In the Lonely Hour, because it involved sharing so much of his personal life with listeners. Smith, who has been open about his sexuality, revealed that the inspiration behind the powerful album was a devastating heartbreak. At times, Smith said, making the album was what kept him from completely losing his mind.

In a much happier place now, Smith notes that the highlights of the past year included meeting Ellen DeGeneres, Beyoncé, and Mary J. Blige. Receiving six Grammy nominations also topped the list.

Fans can take heart in this news: Smith reveals that he’s already writing new music and has a concept for his second record in the works.

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  • Lydia Tyler

    April 20, 2017

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