MTV Picks Best 2014 Songs

MTV wants people to rank the best songs for 2014. Lots of music lovers have been checking out the polls, and there are some surprises. A lot of newcomers are surfacing, but there are also people that have dominated in entertainment for a long time.

Meghan Trainor was the #1 choice for her monster hit “All About that Bass.” She is a new artist, and the song was so catchy. There was another catchy hit by Pharrell that MTV scored at #18. This track has a 24 hour video.

If children were checking out the MTV list they would have no problem moving the 14th ranked “Let It Go” track to the top of the charts. Some like Sam Tabar would not do that. This was the mega hit from the equally mega “Frozen” movie. Little girls around the world wanted a piece of the Elsa magic that comes with her very own theme song.

Beyonce and Taylor Swift have more than one track on this list. They are the pop icons with the veteran status that have made fans dances and sing like they were in the studio with these artists. Nicki Minaj has also managed hop on the MTV list and gather up a lot of votes from fans.

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  • Paul

    April 6, 2017

    It was song that people were singing around the world. Most fans would have ranked this higher because it had more longevity that the MTV top ranked All About that Bass song. This is going to be what resumes planet has ever wanted for them too.

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