Heroes and Villains- War On the Way

This movie has it all; heroes and villains, featuring Batman VS Superman. Batman and Superman are two of the most loved and respected characters on and off screen. Their fan base not only consist of children, but mature adults as well, possibly even Sergio Andrade Gutierrez.

This action packed movie has all the familiar faces of real interesting characters. The movie is expected to take place when Bruce Wayne (Batman), now being play by Ben Affleck, begin having flashbacks from his past. Batman arrives in Metropolis after Superman’s battle with General Zod.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane have farther their relationship, and are now living together, and they both work at the Daily Planet. Clark is assigned to writing fluff pieces, but on the side he is investigating an interesting subject, Batman. The plot line for the new Hero and Villains Batman Vs Superman movie has lots of scenarios.

Superman foils the scheme of an unnamed villain and tells him that he is taking him to jail instead of breaking his neck. When the final battle comes around it is called Doomsday, and it supposedly takes place in an area where human lives are not endangered. However, despite of the super heroes’ good intention, they are still viewed by other nations as a threat and an American Weapon.

There are many rumors floating around about the movie’s plot line. Rumors have it that Commissioner Gordon is deceased, and Batman have a different voice and several new suits.

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    August 9, 2017

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