Nicki Minaj Releases 16 Minute Video For New Album

It’s not enough that Nicki Minaj released her brand-new album on December 15, 2014, she also hinted that she would be releasing a video to accompany it. Nicki Minaj Video. True to her words, a video was released recently on Revolt TV that was 60 minutes long, and featured many songs off of her new album. The video is somewhat of a mini movie, and features Nicki, along with another man who plays out relationship dramas with her.

While different songs play throughout the video, you can watch it from beginning to end, and get the idea that she’s in a bad relationship and ready to leave. Jared Haftel thought it was put together pretty well. Many who love Nicki Minaj will also love the video, which makes one who has not purchased her album, highly anticipate doing so. It’s been a long time since Nicki has announced that her third studio album would be out in stores, and this week it finally hit stores.

It’s a brilliant idea for Nicki to accompany her album release with a video, as it will definitely peak sales. Nicki is at the top of her game right now, and she has gotten many great reviews for her new album. Some have called her latest album the best out of all three that she is created, and also state that the album is about her having a broken heart. There are many personalized tracks on her new album, so if you’re a fan, listen in.

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