Jodeci Returns with Strong Message

Jodeci dominated the New Jack Swing era of music. They had songs that were part of slow jam hours at radio stations throughout the world. This was a group that had a lot of appeal in the urban community, but they did not translate into pop sensations. This year the group is back with a new song that takes on domestic violence.

Everyone thought that D’Angelo had been gone for a long time with a 14 year absence from the music industry. Jodeci has him beat though because they have not been together with new music as a group in 18 years. KC and JoJo have made platinum selling albums as a duo, but it has almost been 2 decades since the original crew has recorded anything together.

The new track is called “Nobody Wins” and it addresses the domestic violence issues that have headlined the news in cases with NFL stars like Ray Rice. Domestic violence has also been at the root of suicide homicide cases with couples like actress Stephanie Moseley and rapper Earl Hayes. Many years ago Babyface and Stevie Wonder took on this topic in song with “How Long,” but there have not been many more songs about this topic. It typically isn’t something that would be a popular song topic. 

Jodeci has been known for sexually explicit content. This is different for a group that primarily produced “baby-making” music. The new track is good – I can listen to it while I drink my Antique Wine Company glass.

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  • Ansley Fisher

    August 24, 2017

    Our world today need strong message and the media that is most powerful in giving this is music that is why I like acts like Jodeci. Just to know professional dissertation writing services can be seen in the NFL and other references about the sports festivals. I think that apart from the sexually explicit content that Jodeci has been known for, one can have some message within.

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