Amy Adams ‘SNL’ Sketch Cut Short Because Of….


On the most recent ‘SNL,’ Amy Adams was doing a sketch with Stephen Williams wine and another person, when the sketch was cut short prior to commercial. Amy Adams Sketch. Many were puzzled as to why the sketch was cut short, while the two were reenacting a part from the movie “Love Actually.” It looks like the sketch was cut short because Amy couldn’t stop laughing. Although she only laughed a few times, the sketch went a bit over schedule, forcing them to cut it short, before it reached its completion.

Either way, it was a great show. For those were not familiar with Amy Adams, think “Mean Girls.” She was “the” mean girl in the show, outside of Lindsay Lohan. Amy Adams went on to be in one of the greatest love movies ever made, entitled “The Notebook.” Many people think about The Notebook when they think of romance, because it was a great movie, and somewhat true to real life. Amy’s costar in the movie became her boyfriend for many years, and many were sad to see the couple breakup.

If you’re still unfamiliar with her costar in The Notebook, it was Ryan Gosling. After Ryan and Amy broke up, many were very depressed about it, but he went on to date Eva Mendes, and prior to their breakup, she became pregnant. Ryan now has his first child with Eva, and he’s very happy, and they are possibly planning for more children.

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