James Gordon Heads to Arkham Asylum


The upcoming episodes of Gotham is going to focus on an environment familiar to long-time readers of Batman comics. In the second half of season one, James Gordon takes on the task of being a guard at Arkham Asylum.

This is a very interesting development that could make for very interesting storylines in the future.

Arkham Asylum is, of course, the famous holding facility all of Batman’s criminally insane villains are sent to. Not very many of Batman’s rogues gallery of criminals find their way to the lesser known Blackgate Prison. No, they are sent to Arkham Asylum for a good reason. The theme of insanity hangs over the head of the Batman and¬†Arkham Asylum¬†always acts as a convenient reminder.

Serious criticism of the Batman mythos consistently notes the obsessive Batman is as insane as his antagonists. The main difference between them and Batman is the Caped Crusader seeks to help others and save his beloved city of Gotham. Because of the noble deeds he performs, we simply look past or excuse his obvious insanity.

No, the Gotham TV series is not likely to explore this angle. Themes such as these are usually left to the comic books and for the hardcore fans of the Batman mythos. It still is nice to see Arkham Asylum on the small screen since tales of the origins of the cursed facility have never been adapted for live-action.

You can do what Zeca Oliveira is doing and enjoy the goings on at Arkham in the popular video games that use the asylum as a backdrop.

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