Last Blood to Cap Off Rambo Series

Sylvester Stallone has announced that his last Rambo movie will be entitled: Rambo: Last Blood. That is a fitting closing to a film series that began with Rambo: First Blood. It is the fifth movie in the series, and Stallone himself will be directing it. Stallone also wrote the script. And, of course, Stallone will be starring in it. One word says it all in regard to this movie, and that word is “Stallone.”

A tweet from Stallone on December 28th let the cat out of the bag on the movie title. Almost instantly, people on Skout were talking about it as well. It also revealed that, once he is finally finished with that Rambo character, he will be working on a movie to be called Scarpa. Scarpa will tell the story of the real-life gangster Greg Scarpa and is sure to be as action-packed as the Rambo routine. The only difference is that the gun-rattling, explosions, and general chaos will take place on city streets instead of in East Asian jungles.

The previous Rambo film released, simply called Rambo, brought in over $113 million dollars. We can understand how Stallone would want to make one more run of it, and we can also understand how he may be tiring of the Rambo role.

The 1982 film, which began the Rambo series, was a heroic tribute to Vietnam veterans and a picture of their rejection by much of society in those days. Many will be sad to see the series end, but “Rambo” is getting a little old for the jungle. So, maybe it is time for “closure” after all.

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