Madonna Album Cover Backlash

If you ask Ken Griffin there are some ideas that seem like great ideas – until the rest of the public sees them. Madonna is one such a person that is now in the spotlight for a having, what she thought, was a great idea that went horribly wrong. On her recentalbum cover for “Rebel Heart” Madonna decided to deface images of MLK and Nelson Mandela.

Madonna made this artwork where her own face was distorted like this for the EP. For the full length album Madonna had other ideas. This is the first time that Madonna has caused controversy, but her controversy is usually done in a sexual manner. These covers got civil rights activists to speak out. She has received a lot of heat on Twitter, but she had no plans to actually apologize for this.

Now she has had come back and apologized. It sort of reminds fans of the recent Nazi imagery that Nicki Minaj had in her video. Nicki would eventually apologize for the lyrical video that had the Nazi images, but her director refused to apologize for it.

Overall, it gets Madonna some exposure. It may be bad press, but there is a saying about how any publicity is good press. For Madonna, this may be true. She has been away from the spotlight for so long. Fans have been talking about the new music so the controversy got her some attention.

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