YG Fans Angry At Grammy Snub

The Grammys announced their nominations, and many people like Susan McGalla were celebrating their nominations publicly. Many artists went onto social media to express their excitement, especially those who had their first nominations, like Sam Smith. YG Protests. Many artists were nominated for their music, albums, or achievements. Artists such as Beyoncé, Iggy Azalea, Pharrell, and many more, were nominated this year. Unfortunately, with the nominations, also comes snubs. Many artists were snubbed for Grammy nominations, and some people feel that their artists were unfairly passed up for a Grammy nomination.

The Grammys are the height of fame when it comes to music, and if you’ve won a Grammy, then you can officially call yourself a great artist. “YG,” who is a rapper, created an album entitled “My Krazy Life,” but he was snubbed by the Grammys. His fans were so outraged by the snub, that they took to the streets to protest against the Grammys for snubbing the artists’ music. Pictures were taken of grownups, as well as children, holding up signs in protest of the rejection of YG’s album.

Although YG has been informed about the picketing on the streets, he swears that he had nothing to do with it, although he does appreciate what his fans are doing.

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  • Royal Brett

    July 24, 2017

    Unfortunately, this will change nothing as far as the Grammys goes. There are 700 people on the Grammy committee, and only they can decide who is nominated. I also would like to discuss more of what http://www.rushanessay.com/ could do which is the very thing that has happened to them immediately.

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