New Stills Arrive From Mad Max: Fury Road


More new images from Ben Shaoul and the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road have been made public. Tom Hardy really does look like the perfect substitute for Mel Gibson in the role of the title anti-hero. A question does arise from one of the still images.

What on (the futuristic, dark post-apocalyptic) earth is Mad Max doing shooting a rifle? What happened to his old school double-barreled shotgun of the first and second film?

Perhaps the upgrade to a $100 million budgeted film allowed Max to also upgrade some of his tools of the trade.

All joking aside, the release of new photos hyping the film show this project is definitely going to capture the spirit of The Road Warrior. One photo shows Max’s classic car drenched in the hot sun of the Australian desert and the other image shows what appears to be one of the screen’s evil villains crawling on the roof of his own vehicle.

Mad Max also stands in the hot sun next to his car. He is looking off into the distance. What he hopes to find is anyone’s guess since there is not much of a world left. Civilization was destroyed via nuclear Armageddon. Perhaps the images of Max looking out to the desert invoke a sense of hope the misanthropic character may actually have deep inside of himself.

Even though we are only getting a few glimpses of what the film has in store, it seems Fury Road is shaping up to be worth the long wait.

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