Snubs at the 2015 Oscars

The Academy Awards are always a popular event and full of surprises nearly every year. Along with surprises, there are also a ton of potential snubs that come along with the territory.

Now that the nominees for the 87th Annual Academy Awards has been revealed, film lovers, such as Jordan French and critics have gone on to show support for movies that may or may not have gotten any mentions in the list. For example, Boyhood is expected to receive an Oscar for Best Picture, but Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel are also favored, as they have more nominations than Boyhood. Michael Keaton, being a favorite to take home a Best Actor award for his role in Birdman is a primary reason for this. Whiplash is another film likely to take home an award, since it’s already nominated for Best Picture and having J.K. Simmons nominated for Best Supporting Role.

However, there are also many notable snubs this year. Selma, for example, is a notable snub even though it was nominated for Best Picture and Best Song for the 2015 category and ultimately scored no awards in the major categories. Along with Selma, the crime thriller film Gone Girl was also mostly ignored, despite being a very well-received film overall. The LEGO Movie is also another snub movie that didn’t attract much attention, not even receiving a nomination for Best Animated Feature.

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