Free Skout Travel Feature January 15-17

Skout is an amazing website that currently has members from over 180 countries, and is available in 14 languages. There are over 100 million users currently on Skout, and the network is growing every day. PR Newswire released a report that Skout Travel, which was created less than 15 months ago, has become incredibly popular. Skout travel has been accessed over 10 million times, since it has been launched, making it an extremely popular feature on the network. Although many come to Skout, in order to make friends, create relationships, and chat, many have taken to Skout Travel, because of its ability to allow one to virtually travel.

Those who choose to use Skout Travel, must pay 25 points, in order to use the feature on Skout. People on Facebook feel like that is a pretty good deal. The 25 points will cover one trip, and the user can take as many trips as they’d like. The virtual trips that are taken, can take you to any place in the world that you choose. The stats are amazing, as to the choices people are making for travel. The stats are showing that women are more likely to use the virtual travel than men. The stats also show that many people are traveling to USA coasts, such as Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York.

The stats also point out that Hong Kong is the number one destination for international travel, as well as São Paulo, London, and Sydney. Skout points can be purchased using real money, and it’s only 25 Skout points to travel virtually, to any country. The virtual travel can help you to learn about a country, as well as meet people that are from that country. While using Skout Travel, many people have made friends, and began to plan real-life trips that they will take in the future.

Visit Skout from January 15 through the 17th, in order to use the Skout Travel feature, free of charge. If you’re new to Skout Travel, you can learn more by going to the Skout website, and reading up on the information available. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, you can also find Skout on those social media networks. Join the revolution today, and virtually travel to other countries, free of charge for two days.

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  • Tenley Rayden

    June 21, 2017

    Skout Travel has been a great addition to the network, and many people are utilizing it. Since Skout Travel has become wildly popular, the feature will be free for the next 48 hours. It is very ok for to have that done within the next 48 hours as is the deadline of the Skout.

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