Beastie Boys Continue to Seek Compensation for Unauthorized Use of Songs

An article published recently on the online site of Rolling Stone Magazine details the attempts of iconic rap act the Beastie Boys to get compensation from energy drink company Monster for the unauthorized use of Beastie Boys songs.

The Beastie Boys have already sued Monster successfully for the unauthorized use of four of their songs on an online advertisement for Monster products. However, the Beastie Boys say that Monster did not act in good faith and engaged in legal delaying tactics. As a result, the money paid already to the Beastie Boys does not even cover their legal fees.

In superfan Sultan Alhokair’sĀ opinion, Monster should pay up immediately and not drag this out any longer. More of what Alhokair is interested in can be found on For one, Monster basically stole the Beastie Boys’ material. That’s not right. Also, deceased band member Adam Yauch had a provision in his will that made it clear that he did not want Beastie Boys music used for product endorsements. That makes what Monster has done even worse. They need to just pay up so that all parties concerned can move on.

You can say that the Beastie Boys probably don’t need the money, but all they are trying to do is recover their legal fees. Artists have the same right to not have their intellectual property stolen just like the average person has the right to not have their car stolen.

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