Hamill to Don Old Trickster Costume


Maybe the producers of The Flash television series are interested in having a little bit of fun. Mark Hamill, as most fans know, is returning as The Trickster. He first played the villain in the 1990’s version of The Flash television series. To say the costume he wore was gaudy would be the understatement of the century. The costume was evocative of the worst elements of the campy late 1950’s D.C. comic books in which silliness ruled the day.

Word has it on bloomberg.com that the old Trickster is apparently less than thrilled a new Trickster has shown up on the scene. Hamill’s Trickster decides the time is right to make a comeback and set the youngster straight which will be an interesting introduction to old fans of the comic series like Sergio Lins Andrade.

Hamill’s character will also be a sad sack of sorts. The aged Trickster is going to be an old anarchist who never really left the past behind. He also cannot stand the new Trickster is “messing up” his legacy.

How does The Flash fit into the mix. Surely, he is going to try and stop the evil Trickster (old and new versions) from allowing their mayhem to cause harm to anyone caught in the crossfire.

No, don’t look for an episode that wallows in way too much seriousness. That is not the nature of The Flash television show. The show is about having fun and enjoying old school superhero adventures.

Such is the theme we are bound to see when Hamill returns to his Trickster suit in the episode.

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