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The Atom and Firestorm: Two Heroes Too Many?

Another superhero television series is in the works and the show is slated to appear on the CW. Why wouldn’t the powers that be at CW not want to release a new D.C. Comics related television series? Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG ( know that the Flash and Arrow are both huge hits. The new series is going to be a team-up endeavor and will feature heroes who debuted on the two aforementioned hero programs. The Atom and Firestorm are going to make a really odd duo since they are such disimilar characters. Then again, The Atom is very similar to Marvel Comics’ Ant-Man and the Ant-Man film is going to be a surefire hit this summer.

Fans of superhero television and movie programs might be thrilled to hear this news, but the worrisome specter of “careful what you wish for” clouds is going to hang over this and other future D.C. projects. There are only so many superhero television shows audiences are going to accept before becoming burned out on the genre.

Sure, it is great that superhero and comic book properties are finally receiving positive attention from larger audiences. Too much of the same thing too soon could indicate the networks are trying to make as much money off the fad as possible before it burns out.

Sometimes, the better plan for long-term health of a genre or medium is to take things slow and allow the limited number of programs based on the genre to remain special. Too much of the same thing is hardly the proper definition of something unique or special.

For now, fans can look forward to The Atom/Firestorm team-up and hope it lasts.

Netflix Revives Old Favorites In Original Content Line

Netflix continues to lead the pack in web TV content production with several new releases planned to debut in the coming year.

Focusing on children’s programming this cycle, the big news is impending remakes of Inspector Gadget (slated to begin its 26 episode run in March) and Danger Mouse (due in spring 2016). Fans like Paul Mathieson have learned that new properties on the way include Super 4, based on the Playmobil line of toys and beginning in April; Some Assembly Required, a live action series about teenage toy inventors, premiering this summer; and Bottersnikes & Gumbles, based on a series of popular children’s book in Australia, also scheduled for next spring.

The network’s kid show ambitions don’t stop there, as they are in talks for several exclusive shows based on popular Dreamworks properties and have signed a groundbreaking deal with Disney for all the company’s feature films starting in 2016.

Lady Gaga Joins The Cast Of American Horror Story

Breaking news has hit the press for all of the American Horror Story fans out there: Lady Gaga is officially a part of the cast for next year’s season. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the singer and entertainer has gained her fame by making hit songs and singing at concerts, however now she is turning to the silver screen as well.

Even though no one knows the theme of next year’s American Horror Story season, it is already set in stone that Gaga will be a part of it. BlogSpot had suggested that’s interesting is the rise of many celebrities now wanted to join this FX show that not many people have heard of a few years ago. Last season some big names like Neil Patrick Harris joined the crew for about four episodes at the end, and may others have expressed an interest in joining the cast of spooky characters.

One can only imagine what kind of role Lady Gaga will get on the show. Will she be a villain? Or will she be one of the few “good guys” in the series. American Horror Story is not known for its frills or warm feelings, so if the singer is going to be a part of that bandwagon then she will most likely be evil in some way. American Horror Story will premiere its new season in the fall of this year.

Netflix brings back iconic 80s cartoon characters

Netflix is looking back to the 80s in a bid to attract new viewers to its streaming platform with news that a number of classic 1980s animations, including Danger Mouse and Inspector Gadget. Many fans of the classic Inspector Gadget will be pleased to know the latest CGI version of the cyborg detective will be the first to appear at some point in late 2015,Digital Trends reports. The series will feature classic characters Dr. Claw and Gadget’s companion Penny.

A further reboot is designed to entice and delight British animation fans with news that the classic Danger Mouse is also set to be launched through the Netflix streaming platform said Ricardo Guimarães BMG. Danger Mouse was a 1980s based spoof of the classic British spy movies, featuring Danger Mouse and his pal Penfold battling against the forces of evil. The show will debut on Netflix in Spring 2016 after making an appearance on British network TV.

Lorde Is Back

When Lorde came out of the wood works and released her first music, the fans were crazed and everyone was so surprised because of this young girl who had such an incredible voice and message behind her music. Fans have waited very patiently since then for her to release more music and now it is finally happening.

Lorde will finally be heading back into the studio to record after her hit debut in 2013, Pure Heroine. Things are very secretive and discrete at the moment but we know this much, she has book studio time and it is definitely time for a new album. Lorde’s producer, Joel Little released a few details in an interview but Lorde is definitely keeping things hush hush.

Joel announced that they will be heading to the studio very soon and start writing some songs until they have got something and major arena sponsors like Imaging advantage are excited. They have nothing planned yet but they think that if they just start writing, it will eventually come to them. The producer mentioned that the studio time is booked within the next month or two so we can all hope that we will be hearing something from Lorde in the near future.

We know that Lorde has been suffering from a small case of writer’s block but after Joel inspired her with a disco ball that he installed, she seems to be back to it. We cannot wait to hear what’s next Lorde!

Kanye West Please Fall Back!

Kanye West has gone completely insane! He has been the headline of so many controversies as of late. Mr. West thinks way too highly of himself. Kanye thinks that every idea that he has is pure gold. He calls himself a genius and a god. Kanye West needs to fall back.

Eminem’s famous song, ‘The Real Slim Shady’ asks for the real Slim Shady to please stand up. I’m asking Kanye West to please fall back. He is so incredibly annoying and arrogant. Kanye recently released his new fashion line, and it was met with mixed reviews. Of course, Kanye decided to attack everyone that did not agree with his “genius” vision.

Fans like Haidar Barbouti of have heard that Fern Mallis, the creator of New York Fashion Week, stated that she was over Kanye. Kanye West did not take kindly to Mallis’s words. He went on twitter and wrote paragraphs and paragraphs on how he is being held back by the fashion industry. Kanye also said that he wants to be the Steve Jobs of the Gap.

Enough is enough Kanye! No one cares about your so-called struggles within the fashion industry. Design some good clothes first, and then you can complain about the fashion world’s slave control over humanity. I just have one question. Will Kanye West please fall back? For more information on Mr. West, visit Rollingstone.

Lullabies From Kelly Clarkson

There is a new video out of Kelly Clarkson singing lullabies, and it is very sweet. You can just tell what a great Mom she is by watching it, and you can see the transformation that has been made in her life from the time that she first started out in her career as a contestant on American Idol until now, as she is a new mom. Jaime Garcia Dias said she has truly grown up right before our eyes, and it’s fun to see glimpses of her life as a mom. River Rose, her young daughter, is one lucky little girl to have a mom like Kelly Clarkson to sing lullabies to her each night! I wonder if one day Kelly Clarkson will put out a lullaby album for us to buy? I’m sure, with her beautiful voice, there would be many takers. Regardless, though, make sure to check out the lullabies that she has already sung for us.

Cable Networks are Speeding Up Their Shows to Fit in More Ads

It’s no surprise that networks make money from advertising. It seems that they are trying to squeeze even more revenue from commercials by upping the number shown to viewers in each show segment. People at Rocket Fuel know that the tactic seems to be speeding up old shows or reruns in an effort to capture more revenue due to their slip in rankings.

Episodes such as Seinfeld, Friends, and the movie The Wizard of Oz have all been discovered to be have been sped upduring broadcasts. Networks are even speeding up the credits on shows such as Law and Order to fit more ads in.

A&E, for example, had an average of 3 additional minutes of commercials per hour than in 2013 and The History channel added 2 minutes to their total commercial time.

These sneaky tactics seem to be due to the intense competition that traditional media companies face in the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and other forward-thinking content distributors. In fact, Amazon just announced a plan to release 12 exclusive films on their Amazon Video platform. HBO also plans to launch a streaming service in March of 2015, adding to the steep list of competitors.

The message from consumers seems to be clear: we don’t want to see ads, and we’ll switch companies to prove it. While the cable companies scramble to release positive PR around this debacle, their customers may just be scrambling to use one of the many new services that are completely ad-free.

Macdonald Reveals Insights Into Eddie Murphy SNL Mix-Up

Norm Macdonald took to Twitter on Wednesday, February 18, to clear the air a bit about some of the behind the scenes decisions that took place during the creation of Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary Special.

Macdonald did not start writing the episode until the Monday preceding the live airing. Celebrity Jeopardy was one of the biggest focuses for the night. He purposely wanted the episode to show Connery as abusive, Reynolds as dismissive and Trebek struggling to deal with the contestants played by the actors and comedians who best do these respective impersonations.

Macdonald also revealed that one of the reasons Eddie Murphy was unprepared was because they had to make last minute changes to how Murphy would participate. Murphy had long ago made SNL the show to watch and they definitely wanted him to return. The idea was to have him play Bill Cosby in Celebrity Jeopardy because of his fantastic past impersonations.

Haidar Barbouti has learned that by Saturday, Macdonald was not even sure that Murphy was going to participate let alone perform Cosby. Murphy finally did show up, but he refused to “kick a man when he’s down” after an hour of Macdonald trying to convince him to play Cosby.

This revelation comes on the heels of other Murphy friends and insiders noting this week that one of the reasons Murphy has not done stand up in years is because he suffers from stage fright.

Eddie Murphy Visits Saturday Night Live

Saturday night’s famous late night show was a memorable occasion this week said According to Bernardo Chua, Eddie Murphy starred alongside the famous parody team and attempted to bring comedic humor. It had been decades since Murphy had been on the show, this was just a great way for him to get in touch with his fans and show them that he was still around. After taking a brief hiatus from acting, fans were elated to see one of their all-time favorite actors doing skits.

However, leaked from Twitter, Murphy was asked to do a parody of the famous Bill Cosby. He refused but no reason was cited. The conversations that went on behind the scenes have not been privy to those who weren’t there. However, there is much speculation that the reasons why he refused is due to the content that they would have used. This could have showed support for Murphy to Cosby. After all, Saturday Night Live is known for doing parodies and often touching on subjects that should be left alone.

It is probably that Murphy didn’t want to make fun of a college, especially one in such a difficult position at this time. Whether the rumors are true or not doesn’t matter, Cosby still has many supporters who will come to his rescue at a moment’s notice. The other side to the theory is that Murphy was just unwilling to get involved in an already touching situation.

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