Anticipated Movies of 2015

2015 has a large list of upcoming event films. The following are some of the most anticipated films of 2015.

Mad Max Fury Road: It’s been exactly 30 years since we have last seen the road warrior on the big screen. Fury Road looks like it is going to have everything that made the Mad Max series great. Stunts, camera work, atmosphere, all except Mel Gibson himself. Tom Hardy takes over the tole as Max, the road warrior.

The month of February is full of upcoming films that worth checking out. The upcoming films include Jupiter Ascending, Seventh Son, Focus, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, The Lazarus Effect, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and Fifty Shades of Grey.

As Lambranho stated, the month is going to be very busy with upcoming titles. Jupiter Ascending opens on February 6 and the others are going to fill out the month.

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