Release Dates Shifted to Make Room for a New Spider-Man Film


No matter how much money Thor or, for that matter, Captain America earns at the box office, Marvel is always going to consider Spider-Man the character that reflects the studios biggest star. Sure, Iron Man has brought the studio huge money. Would Iron Man have been the character any studio would have chosen to make a film with back in 2000? Was Iron Man ever considered for a feature film by the biggest name directors in the industry in the 1980’s and 1990’s? No, Spider-Man and The X-Men were the only Marvel properties considered for cinema adventures prior to heroes being a proven feature film commodity.

Likely, Spider-Man will always be a money maker for Marvel just as D.C. knows it can dust off the cape and cowl and release a new Batman movie even after the hero genre dies down.

Once you take all this into consideration, then you understand why Thor: Raganarok is losing its prime summer 2017 opening date to make room for a solo Spider-Man project said Marc Sparks. Thor is not the only hero whose movie is getting bumped. The Inhumans and Black Panther are getting moved, too.

Anyone involved with the films being moved should on a very bright side. A well-received hit Spider-Man movie is going to keep the genre alive. The last thing anyone appearing a possible film franchise is the learn the genre is cooling off.

By the way, the new Spider-Man is going to be just that: new. Andrew Garfield is pretty much gone.

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