The 50 Shades of Grey Crisis

While the beloved sex and fantasy film 50 Shades of Grey made out pretty well in the box office, there haven’t been as many positive reviews as were expected.

While the plot of the film was expected because of the popularity of the book, the plot of the movie didn’t really seem to be the problem. The actual production quality of the movie really let excited viewers down. This, along with the watered down sex scenes and poor acting, made for a crowd of cringing and uncomfortable people noted Organo Gold.

The rendition of the well loved novel that originated as Twilight fan fiction was rushed to meet the readers’ demands. This made for a huge disappointment of a movie that was missing some necessary chemistry and dynamics.

This may have happened because, as the consumption of the story of Anastasia and Grey continued to rise, there wasn’t a huge priority for the film makers to well develop the characters or scene structures.

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