Fifty Shades Causing A Stir on Highway 50 In California

The drama with the movie Fifty Shades of Grey just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Highway 50 has a drive in move theater in Sacramento, California that is allowing the movie to be seen from the roads. There are six five thousand foot screens, and passers by are nearly wrecking their cars to get a view of the kinky movie.

While this may be good for consenting adults who want to watch some of the show without paying, parents are concerned about children and the affects on them. I certainly wouldn’t want my 12 year old sons to see anything that movie has to offer. I can understand their outrage, children grow up fast enough as it is. Exposing them to this pornographic material is insane.

While nothing has been done about this matter yet, it is certain that officials will be involved at some point. This theater has got away with such actions before, as the movies didn’t have such exposing views. This one set the bar higher for regulations need and what the American public would watch in a theater. It’s certainly exposes two people and doesn’t leave much room for the imagination.

Marc Sparks knows that it would cost thousands of dollars for this theater to stop playing the movie, or for them to do some modifications to the screens. Either way, it looks like they may be forced to go with the people on this one. Since it made social media and national news, something must be done.

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