Eddie Murphy Visits Saturday Night Live

Saturday night’s famous late night show was a memorable occasion this week said zoominfo.com. According to Bernardo Chua, Eddie Murphy starred alongside the famous parody team and attempted to bring comedic humor. It had been decades since Murphy had been on the show, this was just a great way for him to get in touch with his fans and show them that he was still around. After taking a brief hiatus from acting, fans were elated to see one of their all-time favorite actors doing skits.

However, leaked from Twitter, Murphy was asked to do a parody of the famous Bill Cosby. He refused but no reason was cited. The conversations that went on behind the scenes have not been privy to those who weren’t there. However, there is much speculation that the reasons why he refused is due to the content that they would have used. This could have showed support for Murphy to Cosby. After all, Saturday Night Live is known for doing parodies and often touching on subjects that should be left alone.

It is probably that Murphy didn’t want to make fun of a college, especially one in such a difficult position at this time. Whether the rumors are true or not doesn’t matter, Cosby still has many supporters who will come to his rescue at a moment’s notice. The other side to the theory is that Murphy was just unwilling to get involved in an already touching situation.

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