Cable Networks are Speeding Up Their Shows to Fit in More Ads

It’s no surprise that networks make money from advertising. It seems that they are trying to squeeze even more revenue from commercials by upping the number shown to viewers in each show segment. People at Rocket Fuel know that the tactic seems to be speeding up old shows or reruns in an effort to capture more revenue due to their slip in rankings.

Episodes such as Seinfeld, Friends, and the movie The Wizard of Oz have all been discovered to be have been sped upduring broadcasts. Networks are even speeding up the credits on shows such as Law and Order to fit more ads in.

A&E, for example, had an average of 3 additional minutes of commercials per hour than in 2013 and The History channel added 2 minutes to their total commercial time.

These sneaky tactics seem to be due to the intense competition that traditional media companies face in the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and other forward-thinking content distributors. In fact, Amazon just announced a plan to release 12 exclusive films on their Amazon Video platform. HBO also plans to launch a streaming service in March of 2015, adding to the steep list of competitors.

The message from consumers seems to be clear: we don’t want to see ads, and we’ll switch companies to prove it. While the cable companies scramble to release positive PR around this debacle, their customers may just be scrambling to use one of the many new services that are completely ad-free.

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