Lullabies From Kelly Clarkson

There is a new video out of Kelly Clarkson singing lullabies, and it is very sweet. You can just tell what a great Mom she is by watching it, and you can see the transformation that has been made in her life from the time that she first started out in her career as a contestant on American Idol until now, as she is a new mom. Jaime Garcia Dias said she has truly grown up right before our eyes, and it’s fun to see glimpses of her life as a mom. River Rose, her young daughter, is one lucky little girl to have a mom like Kelly Clarkson to sing lullabies to her each night! I wonder if one day Kelly Clarkson will put out a lullaby album for us to buy? I’m sure, with her beautiful voice, there would be many takers. Regardless, though, make sure to check out the lullabies that she has already sung for us.

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