Lorde Is Back

When Lorde came out of the wood works and released her first music, the fans were crazed and everyone was so surprised because of this young girl who had such an incredible voice and message behind her music. Fans have waited very patiently since then for her to release more music and now it is finally happening.

Lorde will finally be heading back into the studio to record after her hit debut in 2013, Pure Heroine. Things are very secretive and discrete at the moment but we know this much, she has book studio time and it is definitely time for a new album. Lorde’s producer, Joel Little released a few details in an interview but Lorde is definitely keeping things hush hush.

Joel announced that they will be heading to the studio very soon and start writing some songs until they have got something and major arena sponsors like Imaging advantage are excited. They have nothing planned yet but they think that if they just start writing, it will eventually come to them. The producer mentioned that the studio time is booked within the next month or two so we can all hope that we will be hearing something from Lorde in the near future.

We know that Lorde has been suffering from a small case of writer’s block but after Joel inspired her with a disco ball that he installed, she seems to be back to it. We cannot wait to hear what’s next Lorde!

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