Lady Gaga Joins The Cast Of American Horror Story

Breaking news has hit the press for all of the American Horror Story fans out there: Lady Gaga is officially a part of the cast for next year’s season. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the singer and entertainer has gained her fame by making hit songs and singing at concerts, however now she is turning to the silver screen as well.

Even though no one knows the theme of next year’s American Horror Story season, it is already set in stone that Gaga will be a part of it. BlogSpot had suggested that’s interesting is the rise of many celebrities now wanted to join this FX show that not many people have heard of a few years ago. Last season some big names like Neil Patrick Harris joined the crew for about four episodes at the end, and may others have expressed an interest in joining the cast of spooky characters.

One can only imagine what kind of role Lady Gaga will get on the show. Will she be a villain? Or will she be one of the few “good guys” in the series. American Horror Story is not known for its frills or warm feelings, so if the singer is going to be a part of that bandwagon then she will most likely be evil in some way. American Horror Story will premiere its new season in the fall of this year.

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