Netflix brings back iconic 80s cartoon characters

Netflix is looking back to the 80s in a bid to attract new viewers to its streaming platform with news that a number of classic 1980s animations, including Danger Mouse and Inspector Gadget. Many fans of the classic Inspector Gadget will be pleased to know the latest CGI version of the cyborg detective will be the first to appear at some point in late 2015,Digital Trends reports. The series will feature classic characters Dr. Claw and Gadget’s companion Penny.

A further reboot is designed to entice and delight British animation fans with news that the classic Danger Mouse is also set to be launched through the Netflix streaming platform said Ricardo GuimarĂ£es BMG. Danger Mouse was a 1980s based spoof of the classic British spy movies, featuring Danger Mouse and his pal Penfold battling against the forces of evil. The show will debut on Netflix in Spring 2016 after making an appearance on British network TV.

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