The Atom and Firestorm: Two Heroes Too Many?

Another superhero television series is in the works and the show is slated to appear on the CW. Why wouldn’t the powers that be at CW not want to release a new D.C. Comics related television series? Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG ( know that the Flash and Arrow are both huge hits. The new series is going to be a team-up endeavor and will feature heroes who debuted on the two aforementioned hero programs. The Atom and Firestorm are going to make a really odd duo since they are such disimilar characters. Then again, The Atom is very similar to Marvel Comics’ Ant-Man and the Ant-Man film is going to be a surefire hit this summer.

Fans of superhero television and movie programs might be thrilled to hear this news, but the worrisome specter of “careful what you wish for” clouds is going to hang over this and other future D.C. projects. There are only so many superhero television shows audiences are going to accept before becoming burned out on the genre.

Sure, it is great that superhero and comic book properties are finally receiving positive attention from larger audiences. Too much of the same thing too soon could indicate the networks are trying to make as much money off the fad as possible before it burns out.

Sometimes, the better plan for long-term health of a genre or medium is to take things slow and allow the limited number of programs based on the genre to remain special. Too much of the same thing is hardly the proper definition of something unique or special.

For now, fans can look forward to The Atom/Firestorm team-up and hope it lasts.

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