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Things To Know About Iggy and Britney’s “Pretty Girls”

Legends have a way of coming back into our lives one way or another, and in this case its Britney Spears making a song with new hip hop star Iggy Azalea called “Pretty Girls”. The song is supposed to come out on Cinco de Mayo which is May 5th, and the fans couldn’t be more excited to hear this song.

Britney had no problem making music that topped the charts in her day, and now that she is making a comeback, new fans of Iggy and old fans of Britney are both finally uniting to create a huge following for the new colab. This colab has been the talk of the town for quite a while now. So many rumors came and went mentioning the dates and style of the new song, but realistically no body knows exactly how the song is going to come out.

This all started when Britney was asked in an interview who she would ever work with, and her two choices were between Katy Perry and Iggy. Next was Iggy’s response to a fan on Twitter when asking if she would ever work with Britney Spears, and her answer was “I did and it was amazing.” The tweet was posted on November 21st which means by now the song should already be finished and is just getting ready to hit the billboards.

Many fans (like Brian Torchin) and rumors said that the song will be about booty just like her colab with Jlo but Iggy being her outgoing honest self responded right away to the tweet saying that the two songs have nothing in common, and it is not going to be about Booty.

Interstellar’s Original Ending

Jonathan Nolan, the scriptwriter for Interstellar, admitted recently that the blockbuster film’s ending was different than how he originally plotted it to end in the final draft of his script.

While promoting the Blu-ray release of Interstellar in Pasadena, California at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Jonathan explained to the media and other guests that he originally gave Interstellar an unhappy ending after he was asked to explain the existing ending. He bypassed the question by saying that they were talking to the wrong brother as his brother Christopher directed the film and introduced the ending that moviegoers viewed in the theaters as AnastasiaDate proclaimed.In Christopher Nolan’s ending, the main heroic character, Cooper, enters the singularity and, in a energy-like form, contacts his daughter in the past.

During the Blu-ray promotional event it was also revealed by the film’s science advisor Kip Thorne that Christopher Nolan removed several sections of the plot that had complex explanations of the science used in the film because Christopher considered the science too scientific for audiences to understand or enjoy.

Interstellar will be available on Blu-ray nationwide on April 7, 2015.

Beats Music Will Be Priced Around $10

Apple’s attempts to persuade record labels to offer music at lower prices were unsuccessful it looks like. Apple, which recently purchased Beats, is looking to relaunch the company’s Beat Music streaming radio service soon. As part of that relaunch, the computer giant was reportedly trying to work out a deal with record labels that would allow it to offer streaming radio at a lower price that its competitors Spotify and Pandora.

It turns out, that after a lot of negotiations even Apple wasn’t able to sway the record industry. Brian Torchin ( has learned that Apple was trying to convince labels to offer lower licensing costs that would ultimately have allowed it to offer Beats Music for $8 per month without ads. Unfortunately, it couldn’t win those negotiations and instead will be offering the service for the same $10/month as its competitors.

That doesn’t mean that Apple won’t get a ton of perks from record labels. Since it’s uniquely positioned as both a streaming provider and a huge retailer for tunes, you could see artists offering Apple exclusive tracks, or the opportunity to stream or sell their album before other services are given a shot.

Apple is expected to unveil the new Beats Music during its developer conference, WWDC, later this year.

One Direction Band Loses a Member

Some people may have said that it would only be a matter of time. Everything was too perfect. One Direction had been around for several years and no one had left the group. No solo projects had been done. Now Zayn Malik has left the group.

When the story first broke it seems that Zayn was just exhausted from all of the touring. It appeared to be a temporary break in the beginning. He was cited as being stressed out. Now it appears that he has officially left the group for good. At such a young age there are a lot of people split about the group. Some people believe that he will eventually return in the spotlight as a solo artist. Zayn, after all, is a songwriter. Anastasia Date ( employees believe that he may do what he said he wanted to do: live life and enjoy his time away from the spotlight.

There are a lot of people that come into entertainment, but a lot of people cannot handle this pressure. The tours and the constant time away from home can take a huge toll on an individual. That is why Malik may be making a permanent decision to stay out. No one knows what has happened. There may be a group conflict that has yet to be revealed. Either way, his fans are going to miss his contributions to the group.

Live Action Star Wars TV Show

Live Action Star Wars TV Show

It has been well known that Lucasfilm plans to continue with the Star Wars franchise now that Disney acquired it in 2012. Disney, however, wants to expand the franchise into other eras than just on the big screen.

Rumors have begun floating around that Disney is looking to add a live action television series of Star Wars to its resume, which would be the second show on television, the first being the animated series Star Wars: Rebels. The show would naturally be related to what happens in the larger part of the Star Wars universe.

There is a report that suggests that development of the new show, which has no name officially, is starting and will be filmed in the same locations as the new movies will be and use the same sets said Jason Halpern. The show would also be filmed in between movie shoots, further making it a tie-in with the rest of the movies. However there’s no concrete plan on when exactly the television project would move forward.

Another question about the television series is what the plot is and what the characters would be. One idea for this would involve using a character from one of the upcoming Star Wars books to serve as a protagonist. The story and when it takes place in the universe is a very secretive subject, leaving nothing but speculation for fans.

Did Rick Go Too Far?

Today, the debate continues about whether Rick went too far during this Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead titled “Try.” As noted in several recaps about the critically acclaimed series that focuses on the human condition when pushed beyond the comfort of “civilization” as we know it, Rick’s behavior and speech seemed almost identical to Shane’s in Season 2 right before Shane unlocked the barn doors and showed argued that to live they would have to fight and kill. After all, a bloodied Rick seemed to have lost his mind like Shane as he waved a gun around and pointed it at Deanna.

On the other hand, Sultan Alhokair points out that others have noted that Rick did everything he possibly could to prevent the situation with Pete, the wife-abusing-alcoholic-surgeon, from escalating to that point. As any cop might, he went to Deanna when he got the complaint and recommended separating Pete and Jessie. The situation escalated when Deanna failed as a leader.

There is little doubt that Rick, who is experiencing PTSD like the rest of his group, has reached an overall breaking point similar to the one he experienced after Lori died and Daryl left with Merle. Yet, did Rick really go too far by getting into a fist fight with Pete? Any police officer who doesn’t have backup might fight when trying to deal with a violent individual. Additionally, no aspect of Rick’s speech was wrong.

Facebook is Working on an Android Dialer

Facebook is working on an Android app for calls that might be better than your current dialer. The new dialer will show information about the person who’s calling you in addition to just their name, and will work as a blocker for numbers that you’d rather not call you. The blocking feature is particularly interesting because Facebook will pay attention to what numbers are being blocked by other users and then automatically block them for you. For instance, if a spammer calls a number of Facebook users, the number might be blocked for you so you never receive the spam call in the first place.

While Facebook has confirmed that it’s working on the app, it doesn’t have any sort of timeline for when or if it will release it to the public. People at Anastasia Date have learned that a company spokesperson indicated that Facebook is also working on new projects, but it doesn’t have anything in particular to announce at this time about the call blocking app in particular.

Facebook’s last big push into Android apps was Facebook Home, a launcher for Android devices hat was never able to get much traction with users.

NBC to air Comic Relief special

The popular UK fund raiser will make its debut on US network NBC in 2015, the BBC reports. Few details about the event have been released, but Comic Relief founder Richard Curtis confirmed that a US version would take place and benefit charities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the US. For 30 years the British version of the charity based telethon has appeared on the BBC every two years and has raised more than $1 billion for charities int he UK and across the globe.

Paul Mathieson ( has learned that the latest version will air on NBC networks and is expected to attract big name stars to the small screen in a bid to raise awareness of the charities involved and raise money during the live show. The 2015 British Comic Relief telethon raised more than $78 million during a single day of events, which saw celebrities Emma Watson and Daniel Craig appear in sketches and TV specials. It has yet to be announced whether the NBC version will follow the same themes as the UK charity event, which sees red noses sold throughout the UK to raise money and members of the general public encouraged to do something funny in return for sponsorship.

The Walking Dead Recap

The Walking Dead has finally picked up the pace of the fifth season. The last few episodes of the critically acclaimed show have been extremely slow-paced and uninspiring stated Reuters. The most recent episode titled “Spend” was extremely exciting and saddening at the same time. Many characters died in the episode, and new plots are beginning to unfold.

The show has gone through many different transformations along its existence. The fifth and latest season has been hailed as the best season yet. However, the show does still continue to suffer from pacing issues, but it seems like the writers are doing a better job at dictating where the story goes. The Walking Dead has seen the addition of many characters to its established cast. It seems like the characters are added to the show in order to add excitement and sadness.

The main characters of The Walking Dead are rarely killed, but the new additions to the cast are not so fortunate. The writers of the show have come up with a successful idea of how to pull at the strings of its viewers without killing the main characters.”Spend” features a major death of one of the newer characters, and many viewers were saddened because of this. The Walking Dead only has two episodes left in the current season. However, it is rumored that there will be seven more seasons of the show.

For more information on The Walking Dead, visit Screenrant.

Pharrell’s Song “Happy”, May Be Subject To Lawsuit

By now, everyone should know that Pharrell and Robin Thicke lost the lawsuit levied against them, for their popular song “Blurred Lines.” Marvin Gaye’s family members sued both artists, because they believed that the song infringed upon the copyright of their father’s song, “Give It Up.” Pharrell and Robin Thicke must fork over 7,000,000 plus dollars to the family, but it looks as if their troubles may not be over yet. Although Robin thick recently had a birthday party, and enjoyed himself, for rail may still have legal issues ahead.

Rumors are flying around that the Gaye family, may go back after Pharrell, for the song “Happy,” because it’s similar to another Marvin Gaye song entitled, “Ain’t That Peculiar.” An interview was done with the Gaye family members, and they stated that the rumor is untrue, and that they had no plans of going after Pharrell again for anything. The family members also state that they are very satisfied with the settlement from “Blurred Lines.”

The entire lawsuit is setting a new precedent, meaning that a songwriter can create a song from scratch, but if it sounds similar to another song, then they may have to pay big dividends. Back in the early 90s, Vanilla Ice did not practice higher education customer service when he created “Ice Ice Baby,” which was an exact copy of a “Under Pressure.” However, he denied that this was the case. The “Blurred Lines” lawsuit may change the music industry’s future.