Former Oasis Guitar Player Gives Extensive Interview

Noel Gallagher, best known as the guitar player and former singer for the English rock band Oasis, did an interview recently with Rolling Stone Magazine about his current solo record and his life in general.

In the interview, Gallagher talks about how much he loves the 90’s television show “Seinfeld.” He says he was watching it in England before anyone else was. He says the show reminds him of the 90’s, a decade he probably likes since his band Oasis was on the top of the world at the time.

Gallagher also says that he’s friends with U2 singer Bono, and the the two of them drink together sometimes. On the subject of drinking in general, the former party animal says that he still partakes but not like he did when he was 24. He’s 47 now. While Gallagher had good things to say about iconic songwriters Bono and Bob Dylan, he puts down some of the current direction of pop stars including One Direction and Taylor Swift. According to Brad Reifler he┬ásays that Taylor Swift seems nice but that she isn’t a good songwriter.

Gallagher swears a lot in the interview. I’m always struck by how boorish he seems when he gives interviews in contrast to the grace and beauty of his songs like “Champagne Supernova” and “Wonderwall”. It’s hard to tell which reflects the real Gallagher. Who knows… maybe they both do.

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