It Is Unbelievable How Much Money Pharrel And Robin Thicke Made Off ‘Blurred Lines’

It really is unbelievable how much money Pharrel and Robin Thicke made off one song, and to be honest it’s a lot.

Although it is unlike a record company to announce anything that has to do with their profits for one song or album in general when it has nothing to do with the artists, but in this case like the case with Marvin Gaye’s family, the numbers had to be released for the public and the amount turned out to be mind blowing.

I don’t think anyone you know hasn’t heard the song ‘Blurred Lines’ play at least once on the radio, and that is because the song gained massive popularity worldwide and was being played in radio stations in countries all over the world, even non English speaking ones. In terms of defining success, that is it!

What everyone knows is that ‘Blurred Lines’ was the best song of 2013, but what people don’t know is that the one song by itself made the two an astounding amount of $16,675,690 in profits only.

The Hollywood reporter reported the numbers and disclosed exactly how much each of the two made. Sultan Alhokair read that Robin Thicke got his portion of the profits which was $5,658,214 and $5,153,457 went to Pharrel. T.I. also got a small sum of the profits for his collaborations which ended up being worth $704,774 which isn’t bad for a silent partner.

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