Ariana Grande Becomes A Transgender Activist!

Everyone knows Ariana Grande as the small girl with a big voice. But more recently she’s being known as an activist for the T in the LGBT community. Most of her songs give you that fun, upbeat party feel that none of us can deny enjoying, and her song ‘Break Free’ is quickly becoming an anthem for transgender youth across the globe!

The songs upbeat and fun lyrics could be applied to almost anything, but most recently “The Glee Projects” star Tyler Ford has applied them to his own life, and breaking free from the gender roles that society places onto the shoulders of people young and old. Tyler is a 21 year old FTM (female-to-male) transgender who is the first ever openly transgender person to appear on “The Glee Project”.

Tyler has been tweet things like “this is the part when i break free from cisheteropatriarchy” in which Ariana responded with “omg i love u”, which we can only assume means she loves and totally supports the change on lyrics! Because of her accepting open mindedness, Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso know that Ariana is quickly becoming a favorite among the youth in the LGBT community who have always looked up to her and her point of views.

Ford is also becoming a role model of sorts due to his ability to educate and inform people without having to do it in such a cruel way where he has to insult others.

These two make a pretty good team!

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