Bruce Willis To Star In Stephen King’s “Misery” On Broadway

It has been announced that actor Bruce Willis is going to take a turn and try his hand out at theatre. Willis will be starring in one of Stephen King’s stories “Misery” alongside House of Cards star Elizabeth Marvel.

According to an article found on Buzzfeed News, Bruce Willis will be playing the role of “Paul Sheldon” and Marvel will be acting as ‘Annie.” There hasn’t been an official announcement yet as to when the show will hit the stage, but people can expect it to be pretty exciting. Willis fans at Anastasia Date know that the actor hasn’t been in any big films lately, and this might be his comeback into the entertainment world.

It is always nice when entertainers try their hand at something new, because it shows how versatile their acting can be. Willis is most famous for doing action films with lots of fire and combat, so also him trying something in the horror genre might be interesting as well. He was also in a couple family comedies such as Disney’s “The Kid” which showed a sweeter side to the man. It is no doubt that this play will draw in so many people, because it will be as if viewers can watch their favorite film stars live in person and at work. The Broadway play is likely to debut in New York, but there is also a good possibility that they will travel around the country too.

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