The New Mission Impossible Will Have an Old Feel

Since the previous entries in the series were successful, a new Mission Impossible project was unavoidable. Concerns were raised among fans as to whether or not the Mission Impossible series would run out of creative steam. Sometimes, even a successful series plays itself out. Not this one. The director, Christopher McQuarrie, has done something very interesting with the new entry. He is going for a retro feel on Mission Impossible 5.

When remaking a classic television or series, a conscious effort goes into modernizing things stated Paul mathieson. Such a move is a smart one since what worked in the past might not be a hit with modern audiences. That said, sometimes paying homage to year’s past is an equally good idea.

Going the “old school” route could, ironically, breathe a little bit of new life into a project. That new life could lead to a sixth and seventh installment.

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