‘Big Hero 6’ Sequel or Shorts Likely Coming Soon

Disney Animation got a huge boost with a little movie called “Frozen,” and the studio followed that story up with “Big Hero 6.” “Big Hero 6” has managed to rake in over $600 million worldwide, which qualifies it as a pretty big success. The great sequel machine that Hollywood has become over the years has proven to never let a good character or story go to waste, and rumors are flying that the further adventures of Baymax and his team of technology armed pals will soon be on display for everyone to see.

According to Screen Rant, Genesis Rodriguez, who voiced Honey-Lemon in the animated film, believes something is definitely happening to conjure up a sequel for “Big Hero 6.” The twist is that the sequel could transform into a series of shorts to appear in front of the upcoming Disney movie releases. With “Frozen” already making that transition and a number of successful “Toy Story” shorts already in circulation, the animated short move could be the most realistic for the Big Hero franchise.

For a while short films that played in front of massive releases were moved away from by every studio, but lately the return of the short is being championed by several movie companies with Disney & Pixar leading the way stated examiner.com. The move is a great way to keep fans of the franchises satisfied, while still providing some story substance along the way.

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