Iggy’s Tour Pushed Back

Unfortunately a lot of news happened when it comes to Iggy Azalea and her upcoming tour with Nick Jonas and Tinashe. It seems that neither will be joining her anymore in her tour, and the tour itself isn’t happening until the fall, according to the Australian born rapper.

Iggy has a great show planned out for her fans, and the amount of effort and energy that requires building a set like that takes a long time. Not to mention all the implications of dealing with putting the stage up every couple of days, and taking the stage down. Jason Halpern (therealdeal.com) has read that sometimes the stage will have to be put up overnight and taken down right after the show. The preparation made before the tour determines how well the show will do, and unless the fans are satisfied which we are sure they will be, the push back and the extra preparations are totally worth it.

Iggy has taken a break from social media after a long year of gossip and drama that only made her loose focus of what the original goal was, which was to make music. She thinks that she is a much calmer person without the constant updates of social media.

She will be back using her social media accounts by the time her tour starts, but until then it’s peace of mind for Iggy.

It seems like she needs all her focus on her tour now and not on gossip.

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