Teenager Genius Guitarist Doesn’t Care About Haters

When it comes to being a 15 year old with a Youtube channel that gets millions of views, you must be doing something right. And in the case of Tina S., her guitar skills have gotten her the attention of millions of viewers from YouTube in addition to some of the world’s current best guitarists Wolfgang Van Halen and Patrice Vigier.

Tina made a cover of Van Halen’s hit son “Eruption” that by itself has gotten her 11 million views on that one song. That was one good cover, and looking at the girl play, she is definitely headed for rockstar status.

Although Tina is an amazing genius guitarist with a very bright future in the passion she has been involved with since she was 6 years old, there are still those internet trolls that love to hate on everyone no matter how hard the accomplishment was. Needless to discuss why haters gotta hate, Tina does not care whatsoever about these people and thinks that they don’t deserve the time of the day to be responded to. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG agrees that whether she was a girl or a boy should not affect her ability to become an amazing guitarist.

Young Tina gives credit for her skills to Ana Vidovic and Orianthi, two of her favorite female guitarists and of course her guitar instructor Renaud Louis Servais, who got her from the basics all the way to where she is now.

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