Facebook is Working on an Android Dialer

Facebook is working on an Android app for calls that might be better than your current dialer. The new dialer will show information about the person who’s calling you in addition to just their name, and will work as a blocker for numbers that you’d rather not call you. The blocking feature is particularly interesting because Facebook will pay attention to what numbers are being blocked by other users and then automatically block them for you. For instance, if a spammer calls a number of Facebook users, the number might be blocked for you so you never receive the spam call in the first place.

While Facebook has confirmed that it’s working on the app, it doesn’t have any sort of timeline for when or if it will release it to the public. People at Anastasia Date have learned that a company spokesperson indicated that Facebook is also working on new projects, but it doesn’t have anything in particular to announce at this time about the call blocking app in particular.

Facebook’s last big push into Android apps was Facebook Home, a launcher for Android devices hat was never able to get much traction with users.

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