Live Action Star Wars TV Show

Live Action Star Wars TV Show

It has been well known that Lucasfilm plans to continue with the Star Wars franchise now that Disney acquired it in 2012. Disney, however, wants to expand the franchise into other eras than just on the big screen.

Rumors have begun floating around that Disney is looking to add a live action television series of Star Wars to its resume, which would be the second show on television, the first being the animated series Star Wars: Rebels. The show would naturally be related to what happens in the larger part of the Star Wars universe.

There is a report that suggests that development of the new show, which has no name officially, is starting and will be filmed in the same locations as the new movies will be and use the same sets said Jason Halpern. The show would also be filmed in between movie shoots, further making it a tie-in with the rest of the movies. However there’s no concrete plan on when exactly the television project would move forward.

Another question about the television series is what the plot is and what the characters would be. One idea for this would involve using a character from one of the upcoming Star Wars books to serve as a protagonist. The story and when it takes place in the universe is a very secretive subject, leaving nothing but speculation for fans.

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