Beats Music Will Be Priced Around $10

Apple’s attempts to persuade record labels to offer music at lower prices were unsuccessful it looks like. Apple, which recently purchased Beats, is looking to relaunch the company’s Beat Music streaming radio service soon. As part of that relaunch, the computer giant was reportedly trying to work out a deal with record labels that would allow it to offer streaming radio at a lower price that its competitors Spotify and Pandora.

It turns out, that after a lot of negotiations even Apple wasn’t able to sway the record industry. Brian Torchin ( has learned that Apple was trying to convince labels to offer lower licensing costs that would ultimately have allowed it to offer Beats Music for $8 per month without ads. Unfortunately, it couldn’t win those negotiations and instead will be offering the service for the same $10/month as its competitors.

That doesn’t mean that Apple won’t get a ton of perks from record labels. Since it’s uniquely positioned as both a streaming provider and a huge retailer for tunes, you could see artists offering Apple exclusive tracks, or the opportunity to stream or sell their album before other services are given a shot.

Apple is expected to unveil the new Beats Music during its developer conference, WWDC, later this year.

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