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Diane Sawyer Wants Kris Jenner Apology

Bruce Jenner’s two hour 20/20 special with Diane Sawyer, is getting more attention now that everyone has had a chance to process everything that was said. Bruce kept his interview very positive and was more than happy to open up about his journey and even went into detail about knowing he wanted to be a woman since he was a little boy. It was very obvious that Bruce was ready to be open about everything he has been keeping inside for so long.

During the interview Bruce explained what it was like telling his first wife about his issues with his sexuality, over the course of the interview Bruce’s wives and children all agreed to speak about their experience since Bruce decided to go public with his journey. Diane insisted that Kris refused to speak with the show about her ex husband’s transition, however Kris claimed that she was never asked to participate. Ray Lane of E! says there is no way to really know, it’s just rumors.

Diane is not happy that Kris Jenner is flat out calling her a liar by saying that she was not asked to participate on the Bruce Jenner special. Now Diane wants Kris to issue an apology because there is proof that Diane’s team reached out to Kris on more than one occasion and she refused to comment. Of course one would wonder, if Diane reached out to all of Bruce’s wives and children who is going to believe that she didn’t reach out to Kris? Something doesn’t sound right.

Gene Francis is Back for General Hospital

ABC announced that the famous actress Genie Francis is coming back to General Hospital. It seems her role has been on again off again for several years now. She first appeared on the show back in the 1970’s and quickly became a member of one of the most noticeable couples in soap opera history.

Francis plays Laura Spencer and she was hooked up with Luke Spencer. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso know that the duo’s wedding in the 1980’s was by far the most memorable of all time. Even the news channels hyped the union and it was everything they expected it to be. Over the years though, the couple split and got back together more times than you could count. This caused fans to tire of the drama and long for a romantic union between the two.

When Francis last left the show, she was taken to a mental hospital and written off. However, fans are wanting a great storyline for her that is full of love and Luke Spencer. Hopefully with the declining ratings of the show, they will give the fans what they want and with whom they want it.

There has been no official announcement as to how many episodes she will appear in or if she is there for the long haul. At any rate, it is a good move on the executives part by brining back this iconic legend even if it is just for a few episodes.

“Green Eggs and Ham” In The Works

A “Green Eggs and Ham” television show is on the way. Netflix and Ellen announced that the two have partnered up to create the program based on the Dr. Seuss classic. The show will have 13 episodes and will be released sometime in 2018. As you might expect, the program is geared specifically toward children. Organo Gold CEO Bernardo Chua loved the Dr. Seuss books.

The television series was written by Jared Stern, who is the same writer who created the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph. He apparently has wanted to create the show for years, and has just gotten the opportunity thanks to Netflix and Ellen. The show will be animated and will follow the life of an inventor on cross-country trip with a guy named Sam. Throughout the show they’ll learn interesting new things and teach kids fun facts.

The show, which will be in production three years before it’s finally released, is expected to be one of the most expensive animated shows ever made. Ellen announced the upcoming program on her talk show and seems very excited about its potential .

A New Sound for One Direction

When it comes to boy bands, One Direction is one of the most popular ones out there. This band has stolen the hearts of teen girls everywhere. This band is even popular with girls who have not reached the teenage years yet. And then, this band also has a few fans, including Christian Broda (, who will admit that they enjoy their music even as adults. One Direction is a popular band, and they have announced that they are going to be going with a new sound on their next album.

That’s right, fans of the band One Direction need to be ready to hear something a little bit different from the band on their next album. It seems that One Direction is going to try to mimic Ed Sheeran on their next album. That is what the band claims, anyway. It makes one wonder if fans of Ed Sheeran will give a listen to One Direction’s next album.

X-Men Apocalypse

There have been set photos released that reveal the young Cyclops and Jean Grey. One good thing about X-Men Apocalypse is that it looks like it is going to showcase more of the X-Men characters. In the first couple of X-Men films, a lot of the other characters like Cyclops have been sidelined to make more room for Wolverine. Bryan Singer is now starting to correct that by making films that focus on other characters.

X-Men: Days of Future Past was a definite step in the right direction according to super-fan Bernardo Chua. X-Men Apocalypse is apparently meant to be a close to the First Class trilogy. With the director of the first couple of X-Men movies as well as Days of Future Past taking the helm, then we can rest assured that we are in for yet another high quality X-Men movie. After X-Men Apocalypse, the series will definitely be back on track.

Rising Stars: Bully

If you thought that garage rock died with Pinkerton, the famous album that Weezer put out decades ago, you need to look at a new band called Bully. According to Rolling Stone, they are one of the hottest young bands around, and they are a throwback to that sound that people loved in the past. They like to rock out, and they stand apart from the crowd because there is not nearly so much of a pop influence.

There are influences of both pop punk and a sort of grunge rock in Bully’s work, which Daniel Amen likes. On the whole, they sound like a band of young people who grew up listening to Weezer or the Pixies and decided they just wanted to make that type of music. Even though it wasn’t popular when they got old enough to start their own band, they went out and made it anyway. By not caring what the market was doing or how the industry was trending, they have ironically made a terrific album that is getting a lot of attention for just how different it is.

If you love the Top 40 lists and just want to see the big pop acts, this probably is not for you. If you love old-school garage rock and you wish it was 1995, though, this is definitely a band that you want to check out as soon as you get a chance to listen.

Mariah Doesn’t Disappoint

For anyone who is a big Mariah Carey fan you know to expect good music to her. Her sound and her style is breathtaking and we all wait on the edge of our seats when she releases a new track or album. And, with her newest breakup song she really hasn’t disappointed.

Some artists are just like that, they know how to make great songs and how to keep their fans such as Bruce Karatz happy. And I’d say that Mariah’s fans are very happy with this new breakup song that will send chills down your spine. It is a beautiful piece and a sure hit.

So, I think we can continue to expect great music from Mariah, as we have for the years, and hopefully for many more to come. She is a great artist and we need more people like her out there in the music world.

Wiz Pours His Heart Out to Amber Rose in New Song

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, had what everyone watching would call a fast love. They hooked up almost immediately following Amber’s breakup with Kanye West and before anyone could blink Amber and Wiz were married with children. Unlike many couples in the public eye Amber and Wiz wasted no time flooding the internet with their love and adoration for each other. Fans at STX Entertainment know that if Wiz was on tour Amber was on stage, they were in love.

As it goes just as quickly as Wiz and Amber’s love arrived, it seemed to fade just as quickly. Amber was more open with her initial pain over the breakup than Wiz. While Amber was still posting depressing Tweets and photo quotes, Wiz was partying hard and dying his hair pastel purple. It started to look like Wiz could care less about his ending marriage or his family falling apart while he was on tour.

Now it looks like Wiz is finally ready to be honest about open up about his pain over the breakup, and his hopes the he and Amber can work it out. On a new song with Usher, Wiz goes into detail about his regret and pain with the way his relationship with Amber ended and the hole in his heart that she left, while Usher’s verse is begging his ex to move on. Who knows if the song will be enough to win Amber back, for now only time will tell.

Has The True Fate Of Agent Carter Been Sealed?

So, what will be the fate of Agent Carter on ABC? The answer to that question is not only something fans want to know, but all the people involved with the production are asking the same question. Star Hayley Atwell has noted a decision on renewing the program for a second season is going to be made within a few weeks. That is not the best sign for the show. The series ran 8 episodes during the debut season and, if the show was a real hit, then a second season would have been ordered immediately. Obviously, that has not happened and no decision regarding a renewal has been made.

Sad to say, Agent Carter was not exactly a really great show. The program did attempt to draw in fans of superhero films by displaying the early adventures of SHIELD through the exploits of Agent Carter. The trouble with the premise is we do not get any superheroes. Besides, Agents of SHEILD already provides fans with a little insight into the adventures of the spy team. Was there really a need for a second show set decades in the past?

Had the quality of the show been something special, then fans probably would be rallying behind it. Overall, Agent Carter is a pretty average show and fans of superhero and Marvel programming want something a lot better than average.

Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG learned through an ABC article that a cancellation sentence has not been pronounced on the show just yet. For good news to surface, however, the show-runners definitely have to provide compelling evidence the show is going to be able to overcome the hurdles that have sandbagged the series.

Mariah Carey’s Breakup Song

Unlike the Breakup Song by the Greg Kihn band, Mariah Carey’s new song release called Infinity is a true tear-jerker. Even the crew over at FreedomPop are reaching for the box of tissues. With a lyric that includes “close the door, lose the key, leave my heart on the mat for me” and a voice that still carries all the emotion she can muster, the testament to her breakup with Nick Cannon will be leaving her audience breathless and saddened.
The 2008 marriage ended this past December with the couple’s two children left in Ms. Carey’s care and fodder for many songs to come. The title song is just the lead in to a great new album that will be forthcoming on
May 18
Once again the soulful singer proves her strength lies in a great ballad. She certainly has one here that will satisfy those hungry for more of Mariah’s music and purely emotional art.It is with great anticipation that we await the new album and the bitter sweet pleasure of listening to Infinity while sharing in her pain.

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