Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi Issues a Positive Report on His Health

Rock and roll icon, guitar great, and heavy metal pioneer, Tony Iommi, has released some very positive news. Iommi addressed recent rumors about his health and noted he is doing fine. Sadly, Iommi has been struggling with lymphoma in recent months.

The rumor mill was spinning due to the recent cancellation of Black Sabbath’s scheduled performance in Japan. While Black Sabbath cancelled the gig, lead singer Ozzy Osbourne is going to perform solo. Speculation emerged that the reason for this is because Iommi may have had to pull out due to his health. Once again, Iommi set the record straight and insists he is doing fine.

Questions are still in the air regarding why on earth the concert was cancelled in the first place. Bernardo Chua understands that, right now, no one knows the answers to any of those questions. Fans, honestly, expect as much. Black Sabbath reunions have a tendency to be a bit contentious since the true headliner of these reunions is really Ozzy. Without Ozzy, Black Sabbath can barely sell tickets. That is not a knock on Iommi’s work on the band, but simply using the name Black Sabbath without the original singer or the bulk of the original lineup has long since ceased to be a draw. Sure, it worked a bit during the 1980’s, but we’re in 2015 now.

Hopefully, the band will get back together in its original form and the “farewell” concerts end up being done right.

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