John Stewart’s Final Daily Show

A comedic era is coming to a close; John Stewart will be leaving the Daily Show in August. Stewart announced last night that he would be hosting his final show on the 6th of August, and beginning a new career as the “non-host of the Daily Show”. The veteran comedian promised that he would be wearing a suit and showered, but quickly amended this to wearing overalls, and unshowered. Stewart also announced that the final show’s tickets would be distributed via a raffle. As Igor Cornelsen understands, winners will be flown in, stay in a hotel paid for by Comedy Central, and be live in studio for the final episode. Profits from the raffle are set to go to Comedy Central’s “Night of Too Many Stars”. The charity group focuses on autism education, and Stewart has played an active role in many of their events.

As was previously announced, South African comedian Trevor Noah will be taking John Stewart’s place. It is currently unknown if the show will resume on August 7th with the new host, or if a brief downtime will follow Stewart’s departure.

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