Wiz Pours His Heart Out to Amber Rose in New Song

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, had what everyone watching would call a fast love. They hooked up almost immediately following Amber’s breakup with Kanye West and before anyone could blink Amber and Wiz were married with children. Unlike many couples in the public eye Amber and Wiz wasted no time flooding the internet with their love and adoration for each other. Fans at STX Entertainment know that if Wiz was on tour Amber was on stage, they were in love.

As it goes just as quickly as Wiz and Amber’s love arrived, it seemed to fade just as quickly. Amber was more open with her initial pain over the breakup than Wiz. While Amber was still posting depressing Tweets and photo quotes, Wiz was partying hard and dying his hair pastel purple. It started to look like Wiz could care less about his ending marriage or his family falling apart while he was on tour.

Now it looks like Wiz is finally ready to be honest about open up about his pain over the breakup, and his hopes the he and Amber can work it out. On a new song with Usher, Wiz goes into detail about his regret and pain with the way his relationship with Amber ended and the hole in his heart that she left, while Usher’s verse is begging his ex to move on. Who knows if the song will be enough to win Amber back, for now only time will tell.

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