A New Sound for One Direction

When it comes to boy bands, One Direction is one of the most popular ones out there. This band has stolen the hearts of teen girls everywhere. This band is even popular with girls who have not reached the teenage years yet. And then, this band also has a few fans, including Christian Broda (wsj.com), who will admit that they enjoy their music even as adults. One Direction is a popular band, and they have announced that they are going to be going with a new sound on their next album.

That’s right, fans of the band One Direction need to be ready to hear something a little bit different from the band on their next album. It seems that One Direction is going to try to mimic Ed Sheeran on their next album. That is what the band claims, anyway. It makes one wonder if fans of Ed Sheeran will give a listen to One Direction’s next album.

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