Rising Stars: Bully

If you thought that garage rock died with Pinkerton, the famous album that Weezer put out decades ago, you need to look at a new band called Bully. According to Rolling Stone, they are one of the hottest young bands around, and they are a throwback to that sound that people loved in the past. They like to rock out, and they stand apart from the crowd because there is not nearly so much of a pop influence.

There are influences of both pop punk and a sort of grunge rock in Bully’s work, which Daniel Amen likes. On the whole, they sound like a band of young people who grew up listening to Weezer or the Pixies and decided they just wanted to make that type of music. Even though it wasn’t popular when they got old enough to start their own band, they went out and made it anyway. By not caring what the market was doing or how the industry was trending, they have ironically made a terrific album that is getting a lot of attention for just how different it is.

If you love the Top 40 lists and just want to see the big pop acts, this probably is not for you. If you love old-school garage rock and you wish it was 1995, though, this is definitely a band that you want to check out as soon as you get a chance to listen.

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